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20 Trendy Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

ByThesmartkitchenblog Staff
Updated: Apr 1, 2024


Architect Lily Moth says, “The high-quality appliances and a functional layout should be your first preference while designing your kitchen”. However, color and style should also be considered. Black and white are two traditional colors for kitchen cabinets. But, nowadays, blue is the new trend. “From teal to robin’s egg, from cobalt to navy, blue can work like magic,” adds Lily Moth.

Blue is quite a trendy color. It enhances tranquility and relaxation. Besides, blue can go with any design vision. Want to get a blue kitchen cabinet? Here is the quick checklist.

Blue And Green Cabinets With Plate Rack

Mix green with blue in your lower kitchen cabinet. Heidi Caillier creates this design. This will free the upper part of the wall. These cabinets also feature built-in place shelves. You can display plates and cookbooks on the racks.

Installation charge- $2400 to $2880

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Trim Light Blue Cabinets

Trim Light Blue Cabinets spread a cheerful energy. Garrow Kedigian created this blue kitchen cabinet. Go for the black granite backsplash. Add countertops. This features depth and sophistication.

Installation charge- $2700 to $3200

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High Shine Blue Cabinets

“Choose the high-shine blue fearlessly”, said David Heikka. After that, you can see the vibe yourself. “Don’t keep your kitchen cabinet simple. Choose high-shine blue to add vibes”, adds David Heikka.

Installation charge- $3000 to $7000

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Primary Blue Cabinet

Jenny Graham, a landscape designer created the primary blue cabinet design. “Orange is my favorite color. But, for the cabinet, I surely go for the blue”, says Jenny. Here, she mixes custom and bold blue and tangerine.

Installation charge- $5000 to $6000

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Light And Dark Blue Cabinets

Using light and dark blue, you can make contrast and depth. This is a perfect design for lower cabinets. Paint the upper part with light blue. Paint the lower part with dark blue.

Installation charge- $3590 to $4500

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Industrial Blue Cabinets

Industrial Blue Cabinets are great for a large kitchen. It features an amazing spectrum of materials. The cabinets give your kitchen a sleek look.

Installation charge- $5000 to $6000

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Splashes Of Azure

Don’t like an all-blue kitchen? You can try blue in smaller doses. It features a Portuguese cooking space. Jacques Grange created the design.

Installation charge- $3000 to $6500

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A Whisper Of Blue

“For stainless steel appliances, blue and gray undertones go the best”, says Alison Palevsky. Just add gray to pale blue. In contrast, place hanging pot racks and a Viking stove in your kitchen.

Installation charge- $3000 to $6500

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True Blue Cabinets

Well, the True Blue Cabinets are not really for kitchens. They are for bars. The creator is Poonam Khanna. She here creates a floor-to-ceiling cabinet. These cabinets can finely go with a set of sunny yellow chairs.

Installation charge- $3000 to $5000

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Blue Cabinets With Black Tiles

In this design, you should paint Van Seusen Blue by Benjamin Moore. For contrast, install black tiles. The kitchen counters should be of Caesarstone in London Grey.

Installation charge- $5000 to $8000

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Blue Kitchen Chandelier

The blue kitchen chandelier has original flooring and backsplash. Loire Valley, the well-known designer created this look. Place English mahogany chairs and a stylish chandelier in front of your kitchen.

Installation charge- $2000 to $5990

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Subtle Blue Kitchen

Subtle Blue Kitchen is a kitchen cabinet style back in the 1700s. This is a mixed style of Victorian and Plain English. Install curtains with Bennison Fabrics stripe. Paint the walls with light or dark blue.

Installation charge- $6000 to $7600

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Blue Island Kitchen

The Granada Tiles with a blue kitchen island is the best combo. They feature vintage pendants. Place BassamFellows stools in the kitchen to add contrast. Install countertops made of Carrara Marble.

Installation charge- $3000 to $5600

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Regal Navy Cabinets

Regal Navy Kitchen Cabinets adds a dramatic take. With this rich and deep navy blue, your kitchen will look sleek and vibrant. Install gilded accents such as brass inlays. Once installed, immediately feel the Michelin vibe in the kitchen.

Installation charge- $6000 to $8400

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Antique Blue cabinets

Antique Blue Cabinets are quite aesthetic. They can add the feelings of the French Country. After painting sky blue, weather the cabinet with fine-grit sandpaper. This will give an off-to-the-country look.

Installation charge- $5000 to $6780

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Monochrome Gray-Blue Cabinets

Monochrome Gray-blue cabinets are perfect for a cozy kitchen. They also reflect your mood and cocoon. These cabinets have shade from ceiling to floor. They also feature a tonal stripe. This will enhance visual interest.

Installation charge- $2000 to $5000

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Electric Blue Cabinets (For Upper And Lower)

Electric Blue Cabinets are for elegant historic details and tall ceilings. The creator of this design is Sam Sack. He aims to make a dwelling that is ‘cool, loose, and livable’. Do you have a white exposed-brick wall? Very well. Electric Blue cabinets stand out against such walls. You can also add black countertops. Go for bare plywood cabinet doors.

Installation charge- $7000 to $8900

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Classic Duck Egg Blue

Classic Duck-egg blue cabinets are now people’s personal favorite. Your kitchen will look elegant after installing this cabinet. These cabinets are inspired by classic Victorian homes.

Installation charge- $6000 to $7600

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Blue And Red Kitchen Cabinets

The designer of blue and red kitchen cabinets is John Robshaw. “This is a fearless color choice”, says John Robshow in an interview. You may paint the walls with Rose Quartz. Paint the cabinets with Starry Night. This will create a bold look.

Installation charge- $2000 to $2890

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Light Blue Kitchen

You can add collections from China and hand-painted glassware to the light blue kitchen. Thus, it adds the focal point of the fireplace. The designer of this kitchen, Lou Marotta says, “Light Blue is quite fancy. It soothes your eye”. You may also paint the cupboards with light blue to make similarities. This can be a statement artifact in your kitchen.

Installation charge- $4900 to $5900

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