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A Review of Solid Surface Kitchen Countertops

ByThesmartkitchenblog Staff
Updated: Mar 21, 2024


There are many countertops. But we would like to suggest you the solid surface ones. Because nowadays it is trendy for modern kitchens. These countertops are the most sought-after choices. They have an eye-catching appearance and top-notch design. These countertops are durable. They come with lower maintenance costs too.

What Is It?

These are solid surface materials. These countertops contain mineral dust along with resins, pigments, and acrylic. This process is derived from marble. The mixture melts upon heating. Then they put it into a mould to give it a shape. These countertops are famous for their versatility. They come in a wide range of patterns and colours.

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These countertops can be used in designing your house. You can use them on your desk, workspace, table, bathroom, kitchen, etc. The durability and cheaper models have made them a good choice to decorate your house.

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These countertops are very easy to maintain. They are non-porous. They do not need sealing. You can maintain them with minimum effort. Just wipe these surfaces using a soft, dry cloth and that is it. You can use dish soap and water. Do not use harsh chemicals. They can harm the texture of the countertop.

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These products are one of the most durable countertops. These products are hard. It makes them a good choice for everyday use. But they are not non-destructible. These countertops can break or catch scratches if you do not maintain them well.

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Convenient to Install

These countertops are very easy to install. They are melted to each piece together. So there are no visible seams. That is why it is very easy to install these products. You can install them on your own. These products are very cost-effective for budget-concerned homeowners.

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These countertops are durable enough and give a consistent appearance. These products can be curved if you use a thermoforming process. This enables the customised design for you. There are no seams. And if there are any, they are invisible to the naked eye.

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Colours and Patterns

There are many colours and patterns available in the market. There is every pattern and colour suitable for you. It cannot happen that your favourite colour or pattern is not available. You can choose among solid, sparkle, speckled, veined, and a lot of other patterns.

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These solid surface countertops are very cost-effective. They are much cheaper than other products made of granite, quartz, or marble. As the making cost is low, the buying cost is also very minimal. You will surely get it cheaper than other countertops. It will cost you $30 to $60 per square foot.

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Food Safety Hygiene

These products are non-porous. Thus they are safe for food. So you can use them in food preparation too. Non-porous means these products are stain-resistant. It does not hold bacteria and other harmful stuff. These surfaces are easy-to-clean too after preparing your food in them.

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