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16 Amazing Gray Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

ByThesmartkitchenblog Staff
Updated: Apr 2, 2024


The well-known interior designer Lily Moth says, “From light to dark gray, gray kitchen cabinets are trending nowadays. Every day, we get clients who request us for gray kitchen cabinets”. gray kitchen cabinets add a sophisticated vibe, dimension, and depth to your kitchen space. For this reason, gray kitchen cabinets have become so much popular worldwide. A gray palette in your kitchen is quite tasteful, endlessly versatile, and soothing. Gray has been a staple color in kitchen design for years. A gray kitchen cabinet is perfect for both a rustic and modern look. So, here is a quick checklist of gray kitchen cabinets for you.

Glossy Gray Kitchen Cabinets

A glossy gray kitchen cabinet makes the space look larger. So, you can incorporate this idea for a small kitchen. Compliment it with a patterned backsplash. Also, a glossy gray kitchen cabinet adds the touch of a clean and fresh look. Besides, they perfectly balance between a neutral backsplash and wooden flooring.

Installation Charge- $50 to $300 per linear foot

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Mix And Match Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray can go finely with multiple colours. Mix wooden textures and gray to get a crisp yet cozy appearance. Thus, your kitchen space looks modern, classy, and stylish.

Installation Charge- $60 to $280 per linear foot

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One-Tone Gray Kitchen Cabinets

One-tone gray kitchen cabinets are perfect for a spacious kitchen. It adds a minimalist look to the space. In this design, a gray backsplash is installed with gray cabinetry. Elizabeth Smith adds, “This is a streamlined design. So, choose multiple skylights to install on the one-tone gray kitchen cabinets”.

Installation Charge- $70 to $300 per linear foot

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Gray And White Kitchen Cabinets

White compliments gray the best. Add a white tone to your gray kitchen cabinets. Thus, things look brighter and simpler. Place the gray color as a base cabinet. Paint wall cabinets with white. This will balance the visual symmetry. Go for bright floor patterns. Install chic gold hardware. It enhances the personality of your kitchen.

Installation Charge- $50 to $190 per linear foot

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Charcoal Gray Kitchen Cabinets

The touch of charcoal gives a kitchen space a sophisticated and rustic look and feel. However, you need to add the right textures to complement the dark gray color. So, while choosing the charcoal tone, add brass and beige to have a modern look.

Installation Charge- $100 to $110 per linear foot

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Metallic Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Jean and Louis Deniot, interior designers in Miami designed the metallic gray kitchen cabinet. With this design, they have proved that grandeur doesn’t depend on size. This design features custom stainless-steel cabinets. It includes laser-printed abstract patterns. This kitchen cabinet design looks natural and is perfect for small kitchens.

Installation Charge- $100 to $150 per linear foot



Greenish-Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Greenish-gray kitchen cabinets are another great choice for small kitchens. The greenish touch in Grey makes the cabinets stand out from others. Go for this design if your kitchen is compact.

Installation Charge- $60 to $150 per linear foot

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Steel Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Juliana Lima, the famous designer says, “We have created this design with tiles and deep gray stainless steel”. This allows the cabinets to look vibrant and stand out. This is also a Brazilian way to add and have kitchen space.

Installation Charge- $90 to $200 per linear foot

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Historic Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Historic gray kitchen cabinets include a traditional, yet modern look and feel. Farmer’s sinks can go well with these types of kitchen cabinets. Install countertops made of Carcerstone. Paint the cabinets with Amherst Gray by Benjamin Moore.

Installation Charge- $70 to $390 per linear foot

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London-Inspired Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Steven Gambrel is the creator of this design. “A Cocktail bar in London was my muse for this design”, says Gambrel. “Also, I have added an island and custom kitchen cabinets to this idea”. London-inspired gray kitchen cabinets also feature glossy Subway tiles. Thus, the kitchen space looks brighter and more vibrant.

Installation Charge- $80 to $360 per linear foot

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Elegant Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Make your home look more spacious with elegant gray kitchen cabinets. Perfect for both large and small kitchens, these cabinets include wooden tone subway tiles and countertops. Place gray seating near the cabinetry. The seating arrangements complement the design well.

Installation Charge- $50 to $200 per linear foot

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Sophisticated Gray Kitchen Cabinets

In this idea, you just need to install dark charcoal cabinets against white walls. Go for the sleek countertops as well. This way, your kitchen space will become a sophisticated one.

Installation Charge- $100 to $190 per linear foot

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Gray Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

Gray Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets is quite an innovative idea to bring sparks into your space. This kitchen cabinet design has an easy-going country farm look and feel. To incorporate this idea, you should go for the raw and natural elements. Opt for tiles, stones, and wood.

Installation Charge- $100 to $250 per linear foot

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Gray And Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Want to add a brighter tone to your gray kitchen cabinet? Go for the color blue. Mixing gray and blue can give you an eye-soothing kitchen space. Paint the walls with white. Install a light wooden floor to bring a simplistic touch.

Installation Charge- $80 to $350 per linear foot

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Distressed Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Distressed Gray Kitchen Cabinets go the best with a country kitchen or rustic farmhouse. These kitchen cabinets have an aesthetic feel and look. Besides, no stains or scratches will be seen in the Distressed Gray Kitchen Cabinet.

Installation Charge- $90 to $120 per linear foot

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Gray Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

These shaker-style kitchen cabinets are amazing. They are perfect for a traditional kitchen. Besides, shaker-style gray cabinets can go fine with any type of kitchen decoration. You can have the no-frills option with these cabinet styles. Pair Lily Ann Countertops with a Gray Shaker.

Installation Charge- $110 to $260 per linear foot

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