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10 Trendy Kitchen Chimney Designs

ByThesmartkitchenblog Staff
Updated: Apr 1, 2024


Nowadays, installing Chimneys is important in modern kitchens. Chimneys offer multiple benefits. It keeps your kitchen smoke-free. Chimneys also improve air quality. It reduces foul smells. They also maintain a comfortable and clean atmosphere in your kitchen. Now, you must install a chimney where class meets style. Multiple designs for chimneys are available in the market. You can have designs like wall-mounted, electric, angular, duct-based, Ductless conventional, Chimney in a box, and more.

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Chimney

A wall-mounted kitchen chimney is placed above the kitchen range. In this design, the chimney is installed against the wall. Wall-mounted kitchen chimneys are perfect for Indian kitchens. In India, people have pushed up stoves against a wall. Thus, fumes and smoke occur. Wall-mounted chimneys reduce this smoke flawlessly.

Installation Price- $200 to $250

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Kitchen Chimney Cabinet

The Kitchen Chimney cabinet is a space-saving option. Here, you install the chimney against the wall cabinet. The kitchen chimney cabinet features extra wooden pieces such as cabinets and drawers.

Installation Price- $500 To $700

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Island Kitchen Chimney

Does your kitchen have a central work Island? Install the island kitchen chimney then. They are now a perfect choice for both large and small kitchens.

Installation Price- $300 to $450

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On-Window Chimneys

On-window chimneys are great for small kitchens. As the name suggests, they should be installed on the kitchen window. It flawlessly vents smoke and fumes outside. You can save space in your kitchen for other kitchen essentials.

Installation Price- $300 to $400

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Angular Kitchen Chimney

Angular kitchen chimneys are far better than round ones. These chimneys feature a sleek and modern look. Angular kitchen Chimneys also feature a better suction system. Angular kitchen chimneys are also easy to clean.

Installation Price- $500 to $550

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Wooden Kitchen Chimneys

Wooden kitchen chimneys have attractive, aesthetical, and functional features. They also have a colonial theme. It can give your kitchen a vibrant and different look. Your kitchen shelves and cabinets will look different.

Installation Price- $300 to $500

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Hanging Kitchen Chimneys

Hanging kitchen chimneys are perfect for families who have multiple members. Hanging kitchen chimneys are best for both home and business kitchens. They feature a sleek and modern look. Hanging kitchen chimneys include a huge suction pipe that removes the massive amount of smoke and fume. that is why, they are made of suspended designs.

Installation Price- $600 to $650

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Open Kitchen Chimneys

Having an open floor in your kitchen? Open kitchen Chimneys are perfect for you then. These chimneys feature small-scale elements. You can have lighting, hangers, shelves, and whatnot with the chimney. This is the perfect showcase of class, style, and modern taste. Open kitchen Chimneys also maximise your kitchen space.

Installation Price- $500 to $600

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Chimneys With Countertops

Chimneys with countertops give your kitchen space a minimalist look. With countertops, the top shelves of your kitchen will not be seen. They include a fine suction system. It keeps your kitchen area free of smoke, dust, and fumes. Chimneys with countertops are made for small kitchen areas.

Installation Price- $200 to $350

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Modular Kitchen Chimney

Modular kitchen chimneys are designed for large kitchen areas. They include a huge suction pipe. It consumes smoke and fumes in a large area. You can use stoves, grills, and large ovens without any worry.

Installation Price- $400 to $450

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Basics Of A Good Kitchen Chimney

You may install any kitchen chimney that is described above. But, always check some basic features in a kitchen chimney design. Here is a quick checklist.

  • Space-friendly
  • Better health and fresh air
  • Illuminating and aesthetically pleasing
  • Free of grease and oil
  • Lower indoor temperature


Choosing A Perfect Kitchen Chimney

You need to consider some facts before buying a kitchen chimney. Here they are-

  • A powerful exhaust chimney is perfect for a kitchen where oil is used regularly. It keeps your kitchen flawless and peaceful.
  • Consider the size of the chimney based on the kitchen’s size. For example, for small kitchens, you can buy on-window chimneys or wall-mounted kitchen chimneys.
  • Families with multiple members can go for open kitchen chimneys and island kitchen chimneys.


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