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10 Oak Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

ByThesmartkitchenblog Staff
Updated: Apr 1, 2024


The famous interior designer Lily Moth says, “Oak kitchen cabinets are backdated. However, we still can modernise them. We just have to update our kitchens”. Oak is a hardwood. If you care for it properly, you can use it for your modern kitchen. Back in the 80's and 90’s, oak kitchen cabinets were trendy. Many homeowners love to incorporate oak kitchen cabinets. Oak is durable and strong. It features a highly visible core pattern. That is why oak is a popular choice for both house owners and interior designers. Now, here is a quick checklist of oak kitchen cabinets for you.

Light Colors With Traditional Oak Kitchen

Older oak kitchen cabinets feature strong Orange tones. You may want to change it. Designer Elizabeth Smith says, “ We advise you to paint the oak kitchen cabinet with any light colour. White can be a good choice”. The white colour brings depth and warmth to your kitchen.

Installation Price- $500 to $550

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Two-Tone Oak Kitchens

You may love the natural look of the wood. But, you do not want to use the entire hog. Then, why not have the two-tone oak kitchen cabinets? In this way, house owners can have beautiful units of wooden walls, kitchen flooring, and ceiling slats.

Installation Price- $200 to $450

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Install Handleless Doors

Want to add oak cabinetry? Go for the open-plan kitchen. An open-plan kitchen includes a handle-less door. This adds a modern and Silk look to your kitchen cabinets. Elizabeth Smith says, “ We love these handleless cabinets for they are worktops and Splashbacks. This feature also prevents the oak cabinets from overwhelming your kitchen”.

Installation Price- $800 to $1000

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Wooden Kitchen Splashback

A little bit of wood along with oak can enhance your kitchen space. You can install an oak kitchen Splashback. This features built-in shelving. Thus, you can incorporate wooden tones. This makes your kitchen truly bespoke.

Installation Price- $1000 to $1100

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Install Feature Wall

Install feature walls with oak kitchen cabinets. In this way, the oak kitchen cabinets will not overflow the space. A feature wall includes kitchen wallpapers with floral designs. This is how they add a soft touch to your kitchen island.

Installation Price- $500 to $650

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Painted Oak Kitchen Cabinets

You may not like the orange tone of oak kitchen cabinets. However, the quality and durability of the oak Kitchen cabinet cannot be denied. So, to avoid the orange tone, you may paint the cabinet. Thus, you can have durability. Besides, your favourite kitchen space will be ready. Designer Lily Moth advises, “ Who Honours should go for the kitchen cabinets. After that, they should choose a black Island”. This way, they can add a modern twist to their traditional kitchen.

Installation Price- $700 to $1000

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Oak Panelling Kitchen Cabinets

Do you want a rustic kitchen? Then, you can choose natural oakwood. Combining wooden worktops with oak panelling can give you a perfect kitchen space. Besides, your kitchen will look cottagey and quaint. This oak kitchen idea is perfect for a small kitchen.

Installation Price- $500 to $1200

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Contemporary Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak Can have a more modern look. you just have to leave it in its natural state and without lacquered shine. Also, you may use fixtures, Sleek countertops, and contemporary pulls. Besides, a backsplash in geometric shapes will be great. Many interior decorators say, “ Go for the artwork and minimise clutter”.

Installation Price- $1000 to $2000

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Accessorize Oak Cabinets

Accessorising the oak cabinets will be a great idea. You can place Coloured glass vases and ornamental plates on the oak cabinet. Decorate the cabinet with little kitchen accessories. You can use small appliances, dish towels, and ceramic planters. Give the place a few lights. This will create a great ambiance.

Installation Price- $100 to $110

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Mix Wood Tones

Mix wood tones don’t need to be matched. Mixing wood tones adds an updated look and feel to your kitchen space. You may choose a rich walnut stain. It features richness and debt to your oak cabinets. Mix lighter tones in dark cabinets. It will showcase the natural beauty of the grain.

Installation Price- $1000 to $1800

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Oak Kitchen Cabinets- Key Takeaways
  • Install oak kitchen worktops. Thus, the space becomes a classic kitchen. They are durable also.
  • Older oak kitchen cabinets can be commanding. You need to balance them. Add cool and light colours. Install feature walls, or paint the cabinet.
  • Oak kitchen cabinets add natural beauty and warmth to your kitchen.


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