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The Ultimate Kitchen Essentials Checklist!

ByThesmartkitchenblog Staff
Updated: Mar 21, 2024


It is really a pleasure finding the Kitchen Essentials right by your hand. This makes cooking easy and increases your kitchen's quality and elegance. Besides, the famous chef, Thomas Moore says, ‘Simple, yet smart cooking needs the right things near your hand’. This is not a one-day job at all. You need to build every stock of kitchen Essentials very slowly. So, why not take a look at the kitchen essential checklist given below?

Kitchen Essentials Of Top Priorities:


Cooking Utensils

Meat thermometers, graters, peelers, small and big spoons, and everything in between fall under this section.

  • Tongs- You stones for rotating veggies and Meatballs in a pan. You can also use them for scooping mouth-watering pasta.

  • Knife Set- A good knife set features a paring knife, bread knife, Chef knife, and even an amazing nakiri knife. The high-quality knife set is durable.

  • Peeler- Use a sharp peeler to remove the skin from Ginger, carrots, fruits, and potatoes.

  • Pizza cutter- This may sound weird, but you need a pizza cutter in your kitchen. The pizza cutting becomes quite easy with a pizza cutter.

  • Meat chopper- Chop any kind of meat easily with a sharp meat chopper. You can cut the meat Brown and cook it thoroughly.

  • Meat Thermometer- It comes with an app. It can tell you whether your meat is cooked or not.

  • Chopping boards- Chopping boards are a must in your kitchen. You can cut vegetables and even meat on a chopping board. They are made of sustainable material and are totally safe.

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Small Appliances

Any kind of small blenders, mixer grinders, food processors, and everything in between can be your small appliances in the kitchen. They are just perfect for your cooking and baking.

  • Small blender- It is perfect for recipes that do not need many ingredients. Using it to make dressings and sauces is quite easy. It's very easy to clean as well.

  • Blender- Use a high-power blender. It is perfect for making batters, Soups, smoothies, etc. You can blend ice using a high-powered blender.

  • Food processor- Do not waste your energy by making dough with your hands. Get a food processor either. Using a food processor, you can easily make dough for energy bites or bake bars. A food processor gives your ingredients the right consistency.

  • Hand Mixer- Hand mixers are required for making frosting and whipped cream. It also features a speed controller. Thus, your ingredients won’t be spilled everywhere.

  • Stand mixer- A stand mixer will make your dough fluffy. You can also use it for making whipped frostings.

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Baking Utensils

For the baking utensils in your kitchen, you will need to have cups, plates, measuring spoons, and others.

  • Cookie scoops- Always have cookie scoops of small, large, and medium sizes. Thus, you can have the perfect mixture before baking and the right amount of dough.

  • Rolling pin- Instead of using a wine bottle to roll the cookie door or a Pie, why not have a rolling pin? It makes your cooking easy.

  • Pastry brush- For egg washes and glaze, always use a pastry brush. Always choose a silicone or bristle pastry brush.

  • Cake stand- You will need a cake stand in your kitchen whenever you make a cake. A cake stand comes with a lead. Thus, it can be useful for storage.

  • Mixing bowls- Mixing bowls are safe, lightweight, and durable. Whenever you want to mix ingredients, you can use mixing bowls freely.

  • Dry and wet measuring cups- Dry and wet measuring cups are different. You can get both for your modern kitchen. They are perfect for measuring sugar, mix-ins, oats, flour, and others.

  • Measuring spoons- Tablespoons or teaspoons are measuring spoons.

  • Liquid measuring cup- Go for the liquid measuring cups. It’s perfect for scooping milk, water, and other liquids.

  • Wooden spoons- Wooden spoons are heat-resistant. So you can use it for mixing stews, batters, and soaps. Besides, wooden spoons do not leave scratch marks on pots and pans. Wooden spoons come in multiple sizes and shapes.

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Pots And Pans

Pots and pans are a must for your kitchen. You can also go for a Dutch oven combined with baking pans.

  • Dutch Oven- Thomas Moore says, ‘Having a Dutch oven can make your cooking easy’. It can be used for making homemade bread recipes, soups, and stews.

  • Cake Pan- Cakes are a necessity for any Celebration. So why not have a 6-inch cake pan in your kitchen? You may also choose an 8-inch cake pan to make big cakes.

  • Pots with Lids- Decorate your kitchen with small, medium, and large pots along with their lids. You can Store pasta, curry, soups, and others in those pots. For durability, pots made up of stainless steel are the best.

  • Nonstick Pans- For your microwave, use different kinds of nonstick pans. They are made of nontoxic materials. They are even safe in at least 500 degrees F. Nonstick pans are quite easy to clean as well.

  • Oven-Safe Skillet- Oven-safe skillets are quite durable. You can use this cookware for years.

  • Pie Pan- Want to make a perfect Pie on Thanksgiving? Get a large pie pan and celebrate.

  • Wire Cooling Racks- Wire cooling racks are ideal for cooling cookies. you can also bake crispy chicken nuggets on them. You just have to place the sheet pan to bring the crisp factor.

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