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Sub-Zero, Not So Subpar- What Is A Sub Zero Fridge ?

ByThesmartkitchenblog Staff
Updated: Apr 2, 2024


In electrical appliance shops when we're picking out our favourite kitchen appliance, we get bombarded with questions like “what is a sub zero fridge” or whether we would like the extra “in-built inverters in sub zero fridges” . As confused as our faces might look standing at the shop, we are here to wipe that doubtful face off by telling you what does sub zero refrigerator mean and how much more beneficial it is than a regular fridge.

A sub zero fridge is everything you need in a refrigerator. It follows the special two-in-one design. It has two separate cooling systems which regulate your average freezing temperature and humidity at two different levels, one for the freezer, the other for your respective compartments. Why people are most attracted to purchasing a sub zero fridge because:

● It commands brilliant componentry and organisation of food items.

● It also boasts of a great craftsmanship that pays attention to detail and precise on their built.

Nowadays, the sub zero fridge has gained much momentum in the public eye. However, it was first a starter in a company title- “Sub Zero ''. More on that later, as we gradually get into the specifics.

What is the difference between sub zero and regular refrigerators? Which one is better ?

With all the fuss about a sub-zero fridge going round, you might be wondering what is the point of a Sub-Zero refrigerator, when your regular refrigerator works just fine with a singular cooling system ? There is definitely a lot more to the question of what is a sub zero fridge that we need to look at.

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Sub zero fridge- the brand

founded by Westye F. Bakke in 1945, the Bakke family started out as an architectural firm through the acquisition of a domestic appliance company named Wolf Range Corporation. When the engineers of the Bakke lineage got together to discuss style and mechanics , Sub Zero took its birth through introducing compartmentory design which revolutionised the refrigerator industry.

This special brand value is missing in regular refrigerators, which just comprises your ordinary specs and features. While we all own one, it doesn't do much in terms of creating an original brand value like sub zero does.

Sub Zero Stainless Steel Panels

As sub zero works on the mechanism of a dual cooling system, it is greatly concerned with the paneling of the fridge. It takes pride in its custom fit panel-finishes that it touches upon the steel made compartmental slides. It has an innumerable number of configurations, as the panels are highly dynamic.

The best part about stainless-steel panels is how easier it makes organizing your food items, without the intervention of other compartments that may make your fridge messy enough. Panels built as clear cut architectural genius with such a simple design.

The difference comes in when you take the architecture and engineering of both fridges along with the looks they carry. While regular refrigerators can be visually pleasing, they lack many of the inbuilt features that make your food storing automatically more comfortable. Sub Zero makes it a point to add on the beautification of steel built panels and even lets you customize its design, while you reap the benefit of non-interveneing appliances.

Storage and preservation

Looking beyond the aesthetics and the brand value, its time to cut to the chase of why we buy fridges in the first place. Let's learn what is a sub zero freezer first, to really understand the advanced mechanism of sub zero storage.

Does sub zero fridge have a freezer, you ask? Yes it does! And that's the best part of this unique technical masterpiece. A sub zero freezer is like your regular freezer, with its similar components, only with the vast difference of having an independent evaporator and a compressor for itself.

This allows for your sub zero freezer to have an air quality different from its adjacent unit, that is the fridge compartment. The air quality of a freezer is generally dry at best, and so, the moist air of the entire refrigerator may be intrusive to the dry cooling of your freezer. Sub Zero has looked after that too, thankfully.

This entire dual cooling system is absent in regular refrigerators. The only time when we would likely prefer not co-mingling, is the blending of two air conditions in a fridge, that regular fridges have the issue of, and sub zeroes don't. They reduce waste of food and prevents the transfer of smell from one compartment to another.

Fused and blended drawer-cooler system

While the air system stays in recluse, your drawers and coolers come in various combinations in the new sub zero fridge that help you with customization. The drawers and coolers come in to have themselves fitted even outside the kitchen counter. Want a quick morning bagel? Install a cooler of deserts in your bedroom! Your guest needs her warm wine to be cooled? You don't even have to leave the guest room if you install the specially made wine cooler over there.

This multiplicity in installation of drawers and coolers is one of the many reasons that take the sub zero way ahead of the regular refrigerator curve.

Technology and advanced machinery

If you've already noticed, we mentioned how the Bakke family, the founders of Sub Zero, started with architecture, evolved to engineering and then merged the two fields to create the elegant and cutting-edge appliance your kitchen is in need of. Some of the simple yet effective ways sub zero stands special are

  • Tough vacuum seals - Makes the doors fit tighter
  • Mechanism with less deviation of temperature
  • Easy shelving
  • New-technology Coating - doesn't let liquid to spread over to panels
  • Air purifier - scrubbing off the dank, bacteria riddled air on the inside every 20 minutes.

These small changes in the conventional mechanics of your regular refrigerator makes all the wide difference, and keeps the market of sub zero thriving. They know what you need in the most basic sense, and amplify your fulfillment with science and efficiency that goes beyond ordinary. They understand the need for temperature regulation and proper organisation when it comes to storing food, and targeted these issues exactly, making it their brand value.

However, there is still a hesitancy regarding the purchase of sub zero


We hope we dissected Sub Zero's details precise enough for you to make a well-backed decision on what fridge to purchase. No matter what you buy, in today's market, you don't have to worry about the lack of features, as technology in basic terms is efficient all over.


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