Nutty Butter

Nutty Butter is the result of an overactive culinary imagination and obsession with nut butter.Surprisingly low in sugar, but high in protein, each variety starts with a base of assorted nuts, to which I mix in additional spices, sweeteners, dried fruits, or natural flavoring, turning what would be a basic nut butter into something mind tastebud-bogglingly* extraordinary.

*Definitely a word. [tastebud-boggling (adjective): changing the life of your tastebuds forever]

Every month, I offer two  flavors for purchase.

I announce the following month’s flavors at the beginning of the month via the blog.

I will then accept orders for one to two weeks. This will allow me to calculate the quantities of dry goods, jars, and labels I will need to produce.

Production will occur mid-month, and Nutty Butter will be shipped by the end of the month.

the genius of calee himes at work

This plan allows me to focus on making the best product possible and continue creating new flavors (my favorite part of the business!) while maintaining the small batch, made-to-order business model I started with.

So what are the flavors for April?

This month we celebrate April Fools with a truly great trick.

It certainly tastes decadently of warm, gooey chocolate chips melting into vanilla, buttery sweetness,  the scent of which would have anyone who didn’t know any better that they were about to dive into a bowl of dough.

But this ‘dough’ is made entirely of nuts!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Ingredients: cashews, almonds, peanuts coconut oil, organic evaporated cane juice, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, butter flavor, salt.

The original favorite Nutty Butter, you won’t be able to keep this jar full for long!

And while we’re celebrating one oldie but goodie, we might as well celebrate another.

April Fool’s Day also happens to be the birthday of Papa Smart!

Birthday Cake

Ingredients: cashews, almonds, pure cane sugar, coconut oil, evaporated cane juice, dessert sprinkles, vanilla extract, butter flavor.

This cashew-and-almond Nutty Butterno peanuts(!)–is super sweet, beautifully buttery, and very vanilla.

Mash up sugar cookies and birthday cake with some sprinkles and that’s one happy Birthday Cake in a jar.

Interested in purchasing?

Each 4.5 oz. (net wt.) jar costs $7.00 plus S+H.

E-mail nuttybutterbrand (at) gmail (dot) com.

Please include the following informtion:

  • Name
  • How many jars (and of which type)
  • Shipping Address (or at least state and zip code)
  • Payment preference: Paypal or personal check

[Please remember this is not my full time job, so it might take me up to 48 hours to respond. Please also remember this is not my full time job, and life gets in the way sometimes…so if I have not responded within four days, please DO e-mail again. :)]