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This was my introductory entry for the 2010 Foodbuzz Project Food Blog Competition. Obviously, I didn’t win, but I think it does a great job of introducing me and The Smart Kitchen, so I made it a permanent page for all the newcomer little Smarties out there who want to know just what they’ve gotten themselves into…:)
WANTED: The Next Food Blogger Star

Name: Miss Smart
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Last Seen: teaching elementary school and cooking up nutritious and delicious food (with a side of wit) in The Smart Kitchen

Wanted For: eating food that is healthy, creative, economical, and realistic, while following The Smart Kitchen Rules: the only one of which that really matters is “Above all else, have fun!” [Thank you, Julia Child.]

Sweet Potato Millet Bake
Peach and Cherry Salsa
Spinachoke Quesapitas
Ginger-Mango Guacamole
Arti-Chicken & Tomatoes
Chai Granola

Distinguishing Characteristics: speaks in asides,* somehow connects her incredible knowledge of pop culture trivia to her food [Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Exhibit D…you get the idea], pretends she was born in the South, educates children (and her readers…maybe…sometimes…), revels in anecdotes, makes up words like granogurt [See Glossary], wants to be Mrs. Adam Richman

*like this [or this (or this)]

 Witnesses Say:

  • “I’ve never seen someone get so excited about her lunch.”
  • “[Her] blog is so…different.”
  • “[She] really has something to say.” [No, police have not figured out what that something is.]
  • “…the perfect post-lunch laugh I needed.”
  • “the most entertaining blog I read”
  • “I love [her] randomness….so…GOOFY (in a good way)”
  • “My boss came over while I was reading The Smart Kitchen, and when he saw I wasn’t actually working, went to write out a pink slip then and there. But, he took a minute to read the post, and instead, gave me a raise!”*

*OK, that guy was lying. The others are real.

Most Likely to Be Found:

grocery shopping
enjoying  food culture
playing with her food
(yes, that would be a sweet potato phone in the photo above)
packing healthy lunches
mysteriously acquiring shopping carts (?)
petting fake dogs (???)
and dancing around The Smart Kitchen with the love of her culinary life*
*her food processor

All she wants to do is dance, dance…
Police say that if you encounter Miss Smart, do not be alarmed by her enthusiastic approach to food and life.
Please capture her and keep her happy with homemade Nutty Butter.
She also responds well to frozen yogurt….
…and fruit-filled breakfasts.

Despite appearances…

….she’s really quite easy to tame.

If you have any information as to this Next Food Blogger Star’s whereabouts, please contact foodbuzz‘s Project Food Blog Contest.*

*Or not. We won’t hold it against you. We being me. Me, who just put out a Want Ad for myself. Who DOES that?