Culinary Curriculum

Miss Smart’s Culinary Curriculum

or The Things She Wants to Cook and Eat and Try Before She Dies

[also known as a “Culinary Bucket List”]

1. Roast a chicken (done!)

2. Homemade ice cream

3. Pie crust from scratch (done!)

4. Eat at a nice restaurant…alone.

5. Go vegan for a week.

6. Make homemade pasta.

7. “Stuff” something :)

8. Grill a steak! [For the love of God, woman…grill a steak!]

9. Dad’s Chili

10. Sourdough starter

11. Cook Thanksgiving Dinner [clearly this won’t happen in Sep-Pember…]

12. Make a souffle.

13. Can/Preserve something

14. Make Grammie’s strawberry jam [a little too late for that this year I think!]

15. Sauerkraut [das Ende]


[This is in no particular order, by the way…nor is it short. I don’t have a gift for brevity. (But you knew that, didn’t you?]


16. Tres Leches Cake

17. Beef Stew

18. Spring Rolls

19. Pulled Pork

20. Successfully make an omelette!

21. Start with dried beans [Chickpeas? Check!]

22. Risotto [yum!]

23. Cook collards “for real” (with the ham hock or the turkey wing)

24. Artichokes

25. Whip cream (seriously…I never have!)

26. Make all of the “mother sauces”: bechamel, veloute, espagnole, Hollandaise, tomate

27. Mayonnaise

28. Grow a vegetable garden.

29. Harvest (and cook) an entire meal.

30. Use phyllo

31. Cook a live lobster

32. Fillet a fish [done!]

33. Make a gratin

34. Pickle something

35. Cook shellfish (mussels, clams, or oysters)


[Are you tired yet? Or excited? I’m EXCITED!]

36. Cook pudding and custard (don’t cop out with instant)

37. Ceviche

38. Low country boil

39. Make sausage from scratch

40. Bake a cheesecake

41. Make miso soup

42. Cook a tuna steak

43. Meet (marry?) Adam Richman

44. Attend this cooking school in Ireland

45. Eat…

  • a cheesesteak in Philly [yes, I grew up 30 minutes from the city…let’s not talk about it]
  • chowder in New England
  • a lobster roll in Maine
  • crabs in Maryland
  • deep-dish pizza in Chicago
  • sushi in Japan
  • pasta in Italy
  • bratwurst in Germany [thank you for pointing out my typo so early in the morning…although perhaps they DO make great brats in Italy…I’ll find out one day ;)]
  • dolmas in Greece
  • fish and chips in London
  • pain au chocolate in Paris
  • chana masala in India
  • paella in Spain

[Dream big, right?]