“For Anything” Sauce [Recipe Redux]

by Sarah on April 21, 2017 · 1 comment

Long time, no blogging, huh?

I may have reached the point where there is too much to even catch you up on (if you’re even reading anymore) and I should just gloss over the facts of the past few months. But for now, I’ll give you a recipe that you can use to gloss over your leftovers.*

*Not my best transition…I’m a bit rusty.


I wanted to jump in this month to help The Recipe Redux bring attention to the problem of food waste (in honor of Earth Day). This is something I have been concerned with ever since I lived in Austin and attended a viewing of the documentary Dive. More recently, John Oliver did a fantastic job of explaining the issue and why we all should be concerned.


Now, my contribution is useful for using up leftovers–extra veggies, extra cooked grains, extra bites or bits of meat, or the last few eggs in the carton–but it is doubly effective at promoting conservation, because many of these “extras” are in my fridge because I purposely cook more than I need.

IMG_9501 (640x427)

If the oven’s already on, cook as many vegetables as you can.

If you’re cooking two servings of rice, why not cook four (or more)?

It’s just as easy to cook four chicken breasts as it is two, isn’t it?

IMG_9481 (640x427)

All of these leftovers make for endless combinations of delicious and nutritious lunchtime (or dinner time) concoctions of happiness.*

*If happiness, for you, is defined as “everything random from the fridge dumped in a bowl for me to eat with chopsticks”

IMG_9472 (640x427)

The Professor isn’t down with leftovers, but I cook just so that I can HAVE leftovers.IMG_9506 (640x427)

And I made up a “sauce” (or dressing) that works with, well, ANYTHING. Literally. I have yet to find a vegetable, a grain, or a protein that it does not taste delicious poured over. (And that includes scrambled eggs–or eggs that should have been an omelette but weren’t. It’s like fried rice that way.)IMG_9497 (640x427)

(Leftover) Veggies + Grain + Protein + “For Anything Sauce”

[Bonus points if you actually use an almost empty jar of mustard to make it in rather than throwing it away.]IMG_9485 (427x640)

“For Anything” Sauce

  • 2 parts* stone ground dijon mustard
  • 2 parts lemon juice
  • 1 part maple syrup
  • 1 part low sodium tamari
  • 1/2 part EVOO
  • ground black pepper (to taste)

*NOTE: a “part” for a single serving is a teaspoon…to store some extra, use 1 Tbsp for each “part” (or keep adjusting up from there)

Whisk together all ingredients.

Pour over desired grain, vegetables, and protein.

Stir well.


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Tricia @ Saving Room for Dessert April 22, 2017 at 7:23 am

So glad to see this post! Hope you are well and enjoying life :) Love the idea of this sauce and you know my husband would eat anything as long as there is a sauce on top! Have a happy weekend!

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