Next Stop: Summer Vacation

by Sarah on August 6, 2014 · 4 comments

Travel snacks are being packed.IMG_20140804_144245

An absurd amount of time has been spent on making summer playlists for the rental car drives.playlist

And I’m off to check one more star off of the U.S. Flag…greetings-from-maine-postcard

…(hopefully) fulfill a foodie dream of eating a lobster roll in a shack on a beach…

…see some of my favorite people in the world…IMG_20130823_190315_846 (1024x576)

…and make sure my adorable baby niece receives her first pair of cowboy boots.IMG_20140803_154715

I’ll also come back a year older.SpeedLimitSign_30MPH_NYC_DNAinfo.com_011112-e1326390764709

To summarize in emojis (thanks to The Professor):vacationemojis2


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