(Yo Yo) Yoats.

by Sarah on June 28, 2014 · 4 comments

Is it just me, or is there often some sort of internal blogger battle between overnight oats and the number of blueberries I want to push into this jar and stove top oatmeal?IMG_20140613_113356

(Almost as divisive as instant vs. old fashioned [slash] rolled* oats.)

*Am I wrong for thinking that we could be something for real they are the same thing just wrapped up in respective nostalgic or action-based branding?IMG_20140531_074933

Overnight oats are never voluminous enough.

Stovetop oats are too hot.

(Especially when you refuse to turn on your a/c despite Alabama humidity.)IMG_20140608_111835

Peanut butter tastes gross on hot oats.

Peanut butter tastes gross on overnight oats.

I just really like yogurt.IMG_20140616_090314

Overnight oats require so much advance thought.

(Not true, Grasshopper, but we can talk about that another time.)IMG_20140604_091617

Protein powder doesn’t mix well with stovetop oats.

Stovetop oa–oh wait, no one really cares.IMG_0235 (1024x683)

(A fact that I was reminded of yet again in a strange de ja vu situation whereby I was asked–not by Papa Smart this time, but the chair of my department– if I’d even heard of overnight oats.)overnightoatsDAB

Regardless, I have a solution to the  quandary of overnight vs. stovetopIMG_20140606_092319


OK, I’m actually not the first person to come up with this, as there is a California company that branded and marketed this concept, although they call them overnight oats and spell it with a Z, which, like Bratz Dolls (but unlike Sheetz), just makes me unhappy and unsettled.IMG_20140609_091328

But, well, hot oatmeal mixed with (preferably goat’s or superthick Icelandic style a la Siggis) yogurt, or even a little kefir action, is creamy, cooler, almost instant, and, well, just really really good.IMG_20140620_114048

And I eat ’em practically every day for breakfast, so I just figured I should tell you about it. (And the time I put chocolate chips and honey roasted peanuts on in there, and holy GOODNESS.)IMG_20140611_092330

Plus, you can say Yo Yo YOATS when you eat it, as though you are channeling a rapper from 1992 (or my students calling out to me at the university gym).mtvYOATS

So, thank you, yoats, for achieving a less controversial compromise than that of 1850 (but perhaps not greater that that of 1787).IMG_20140624_090232

Of course, now that chia pudding is all the rage, we’ll have to call the new settlement choats.*

*Although there may be a litigious licensing problem with regards to the female boarding school of similar nameIMG_20140628_094806


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