#WhataGrillWants are OXO BBQ Tongs [Guest Post/Review by “The Professor”]

by Sarah on June 23, 2014 · 4 comments

When I received the collection of OXO grill tools as part of the company‘s #WhataGrillWants campaign I thought about two things:IMG_1222 (1024x683)

1. Amanda Bynes

2. Christina Aguilerawhatagirlwants

Oh, and that The Professor was going to be even more excited than I was.

(The man loves his grill.)

On Saturday, we broke into the first of the grill accessories, and because I didn’t actually use them (only reaped the numerous benefits of their use) it didn’t seem fair for me to discuss them. So, I let The Professor review them* instead. [This is Chapter 1 of a multi-part series apparently.]

*And choose some of the accompanying graphics.IMG_20140621_183916_564 (1024x578)


Chapter 1: BBQ Tongs

It was big pimpin’ night.  Me, the grill, lots of food, cocktails, and four ladies.  Oh yeah!  IMG_20140621_175847OK, one of them is engaged, and her boyfriend eventually made it, but not until after these new giant OXO tongs had worked their magic around the grill.
I own a barrel smoker with an offset firebox, and like to fuel it with lump charcoal and oak.  Yup, oak logs that I sometimes chop myself.
But back to the smoker. The firebox on the smoker can also be used as a grill, but given the fuel I’m using, and the need to cook stuff in the smoking chamber too, it tends to get hotter than my guest list on the night in question.  So if I were to use smaller tongs or spatulae to handle food in the firebox, I run the serious risk of partially cooking my hands too, especially when handling foods at the back of the grill rack.  spatulae

Enter OXO’s 16 inch grill tongs. Their spring-loaded hinges and gentle scallop-shaped gripping ends allow me to handle all manner of foods from a safe distance. I have other long tongs, but their serrated grips are much more likely to puncture foods, spilling their flavorful juices all over the coals and causing flare ups.  Nobody likes dried-out, carbonized meat at a cookout.  OXO’s tongs are designed for gentle, yet deft handling of foods.  They’re also beefy enough to handle large cuts of meat with ease. IMG_20140621_183928_489 (1024x575)
What about the menu that night?  We had a coil of hot Italian-style sausage from a local pig farmer and sweet potatoes in the smoker, along with sliced spring squash, chicken-apple sausage, and jerk-seasoned mahi mahi in foil packets in the firebox.  IMG_20140621_190938_567 (1024x576)
Everything cooked that night stayed moist, plump, and 100% intact when handled and flipped.  The tongs were able to flip, and recoil the sausage with ease without breaking the skin.  Their performance was nothing short of flawless, and the food turned out to be delicious.  IMG_20140621_213350
Final rating: 11/10.
I can’t wait to put these to use on a rack of ribs and some steaks.
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Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table June 23, 2014 at 4:16 pm

16 inch tongs, you say? Tee hee…


Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets June 29, 2014 at 1:59 pm

And he’s adept at handling them. Tee hee.


Nikki June 24, 2014 at 3:55 pm

Frequent reader, but I think this might be my first time posting (I have done some of your surveys if that counts). And it’s not that The Smart Kitchen hasn’t given me some awesome food for thought (pun intended, of course hee hee)…but where has “The Professor’s” guest posts been all my life? Made me laugh, and want to grill things…so mission accomplished! Looking forward to more of this series, and thanks for always keeping your blog fresh and interesting :)


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