My Old Kentucky Home (Away From Home)

by Sarah on May 28, 2014 · 7 comments

The old delightful Kentucky home of Miss Brittany truly has become a home away from home for me…2014-05-25 14.26.58-2

…and last weekend I was able to spend some much needed time with one of my best friends relaxing, talking, reading, eating, chatting, laughing, cooking, everything and anything in between.


From mornings spent with borrowed books and coffee made by Mr. International Delight….IMG_20140525_093631

….to rounds of Paige’s boot camp and a quick jog around the neighborhood…


…our activities included trips to every possible grocery store (including Earthfare and its salad bar)…IMG_20140525_132444

…and a miniature tour of Louisville neighborhoods–IMG_20140524_160639

—including stops in local coffee shops. (Quills is still my favorite!)IMG_20140525_143016

I finally visited one of Brittany’s favorite restaurants: Simply Thai.IMG_20140524_135905

Where I ordered my usual Thai meal of shrimp spring rolls (with sweet & sour peanut dipping sauce) and Tom Yum soup.IMG_20140524_140010

But while the errands and the activity wore us out were fun…IMG_20140525_132817_915

…it was the long conversationsIMG_20140523_214418

…and the home cooked mealsIMG_20140525_200034

…the making of breakfast and late night snacksIMG_20140524_093003

with a best friend and confidant beside you…IMG_20140526_092234

quiet moments of reading and rest…


…and introducing Baby Delight to his first Disney movie (Frozen)—IMG_20140524_195017

…that were the reason my time in Kentucky was–and always is–so special.2014-05-24 14.13.47-1

(Although being able to take home some of Brittany’s no-bake “cow pie” cookies helped some, too. :))IMG_20140526_152034


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