WIAW: A Few of My Favorite Things

by Sarah on April 9, 2014 · 6 comments

A morning run along the river: one of my favorite ways to start the day.IMG_20140406_112933 (1)

My favorite breakfast was carried to stats, where I’m sure everyone was jealous of my kefir oatmeal (topped with apples, banana caramel cashew Simply Protein Crunch, and crystallized ginger, my favorite bulk bin treat).IMG_6565 (1024x683)

Tuesday continued in a blur of statistic analysis, until late afternoon, when I realized I could rejoin one of my favorite bloggers at her weekly party with an easy theme for What I Ate Wednesday…WIAWfavoritethings

…consequently leading me to make my current* favorite lunch: eggs, Korean sweet potatoes, and roasted Brussels Sprouts.¬†(Ketchup is NEVER optional.)

*for about six months now…IMG_6587 (1024x683)

I remembered to bring a tin of my favorite peanuts to my evening class, where I promptly overindulged in the salty addictiveness (and ended up a bit covered in red peanut skin).IMG_20140408_181721

And was, therefore, thankful for my favorite way to drown a giant bowl of vegetables: favorite sauerkraut (Libby’s), favorite hummus (Sabra Tuscan Herb), and favorite hanger-on from my vegan days (nooch*).

*Who got the hooch nooch? (Yeah.) Who got the only sweetest thing in the world?IMG_6638 (1024x683)

Although I must say I do love ending my day with my favorite¬†bedtime snack (plus some chocolate ;))….IMG_6658 (1024x683)

…my favorite moment was the one where I suddenly realized that it might just be that spring is one of my favorite times of year, or Alabama is slowly becoming one of my favorite places to be.



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