What I Ate (Meeting the Parents)

by Sarah on April 23, 2014 · 11 comments

“Are you nervous?” the Professor asked, over the dinner of veggie burgers and sweet potatoes I forced encouraged him to eat last week.

“About if you like my veggie burgers?”

“No..about meeting my parents.”WIAWmeetparents

Ah, yes, Jenn and all you members of the What I Ate Wednesday ‘inner circle,’* the whole meet the parents weekend has past, and it was–of course–not without its delicious food moments.

*Hopefully you’ve actually seen the movie and get this allusion…IMG_7211 (1024x571)

In exchange for a small jar of Chocolate Cherry Chia GranolaI had to bring a food gift to the parental pair who self-reportedly ‘stalk’ my blog–I left Happy Hour at Black Warrior Brewery with a slice of (the Professor’s favorite) Mellow Mushroom Kosmic Karma pizza.

IMG_20140419_153248After spending Saturday at a baby shower and attempting to plan a 200-person lecture, I joined the Professor and his parents at Epiphany Cafe, a place I’m starting to feel like I know well.IMG_20140419_211511

Much debate resulted in me placing an order, retracting an order, and convincing others to order everything I originally had intended to get. Luckily my hay-smoked (?) seared Viking sea scallops with smoked trout were delicious–even if only one-fourth of the turnips were roasted fully.IMG_20140419_202613_075 (1024x575)

Lemon Ginger Creme Brulee (heavy on the lemon, lacking on the ginger) and Chocolate Espresso Mousse Cake w. beet foam and pistachio cream were quickly consumed. [I’m still not sure how I feel about the beets, but the pistachio cream and chocolate crumble were perfect!]IMG_20140419_211736

While I was stocking up at local farm eggs and rutabagas at the farmers market on Saturday morning…IMG_20140419_081655

….the Professor and his parents were stocking up on tomatoes and local lettuces.IMG_20140420_174415_703 (1024x577)

The salads were tasty and fresh, but the olive oil, herb, and Parmesan grilled tomatoes were simply divine.IMG_20140420_174418_228 (1024x577)

Our al fresco Easter dinner was pretty typical for me and the Professor:IMG_20140420_174420_746 (1024x577)

grilled Mahi (pork for the others) and smoked sweet potatoes washed down with some Italian wine.IMG_20140420_193109

Clearly you can’t have Easter without chocolate.

Well, and Jesus.

But also chocolate.IMG_20140420_202340

It seems fitting to end the way we started…with Mellow Mushroom pizza.IMG_20140422_195904_922

This time there was trivia, and a free small pizza coupon involved, which meant I finally achieved my plan for world domination of covertly ordering the pizza with tofu on it. :) Mega Veggie….mega delicious.IMG_20140422_201250


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