Sprint 2 Atlanta: Spring Break Edition

by Sarah on April 1, 2014 · 13 comments

I’m still not fully recovered from my “Six States. Two Weeks.” 2014 world East Coast tour, but I best go ahead and document it digitally* because, well, the best thing about having a blog is the whole ‘scrapbook’ concept, isn’t it?

*Unless you follow me on Instagram. In which case…well, you’ve been ON the tour.IMG_20140325_145610

My new haircut (never again to be styled so carefully) and I were on our way to  Atlanta on Friday, but not before indulging in a few more of the perks of being at home. [Pun intended.]

The most beautiful words first thing in the morning are “I made you coffee.”IMG_20140328_065529

A bowl of chia-infused oatmeal with strawberries later…IMG_20140328_081541

…and I was once again entering the planes portion of my planes, trains, and automobiles* tour of the country.

*And buses.IMG_20140328_112238

While practicing my Spanish (yes, I can read it almost fluently) and enjoying some chick lit, I munched on still-slightly-frozen Greek yogurt with a mix of the multiple types of cereal I confiscated from Papa Smart’s Kashi-heavy cabinet.IMG_20140328_144105

An appropriate snack for my travels, I feel, as I was on my way to visit the only person I know who gets even stranger food passed TSA than I do.

That’s right, Sprint 2 Atlanta: The Spring Break Edition was about to commence.


This time, Heather joined in the fun, and we started the weekend strong with a visit to Vietnam (or, well, a Vietnamese restaurant). Saigon Sweet-and-Sour Shrimp Soup with a tamarind broth full of okra, elephant ear stalks, tomatoes, and pineapple (!) was absolutely wonderful…I ate about five bowls.IMG_20140328_205551

I stayed full of brothy goodness until this simple bowl of oatmeal (a mix of Bob’s Red Mill and Purely Elizabeth ancient grains) topped with strawberry jam and some Laura-made Irish Cream Healthy Bites and Heather-made Java Coconut “Buzz” Bites.IMG_20140329_094851

A trip to Atlanta wouldn’t be complete without Glute CampIMG_20140329_132635

…or a trip to Buford Highway Farmers Market.IMG_20140329_145245

Thank goodness Laura had made me a Pineapple Spinach Mint Growing Naturals smoothie. After both glutes AND shoulders, I’m pretty sure I would have passed out in the parking lot without it.IMG_20140329_131434

The afternoon passed by quickly, and it was soon time to join Sarena (along with her husband, Tony) once again in Decatur, where we split a bottle of cider and then moved on to wine.

And dinner. Obviously we ate.


The only thing I seemed to photograph were the collards with bacon (and more bacon) that our waiter brought me specially.



A run through Piedmont Park the next morning seemed like a nice personal send-off from Atlanta. (It also made me feel like I was on an episode of any HGTV show. What is with the numerous shots in Piedmont Park any time they are in Atlanta?)IMG_20140330_091935

After that was a hotel breakfast–oatmeal and berries (times three)–IMG_20140330_111224

—and a drive north of the city [with snacks, of course]*.

*My style of eating in the car always makes The Professor nervous, but not a crumb was lost!IMG_20140330_134128

My whirlwind two weeks was about to come to an end, but not without a barn weddingIMG_20140330_184932

….and a PIE BAR!IMG_20140330_185834

I certainly had fun…but HALLELUJAH it is good to be home. :)


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