Smooth(ie) Operator

by Sarah on March 17, 2014 · 7 comments

I think I have made more smoothies in the past two weeks than in the past two years combined.IMG_2822 (1024x683)

(I also think I may have used this blog post title before.)IMG_5876 (1024x683)

Perhaps it is the result of a perfect storm of purchasing a Breville hand blender, increasing my outdoor running (in increasingly warm temperatures), the desire to utilize the Cheribundi cherry puree smoothie packs in my freezer…or perhaps just the fact that I am actually remembering to make ice cubes now.IMG_9986 (1024x682)

I also have discovered that Growing Naturals is rivaling my previous passion for a different plant-based protein as the best protein powder on the market. (None of that strange, artificial tasting aftertaste like you get with some other vegan brands.)IMG_6098 (693x1024)

From a Pumpkin banana vanilla smoothies topped with Whole Foods’ peanut butter balls, crystallized ginger, and a sprinkle (or three) of Love Grown Foods granola…

IMG_20140305_135102_443 (1024x577)

…to a chocolate cherry creation topped with pistachios, dried cherries, and even more sugared ginger.IMG_5064 (1024x683)

Sweet potato with a smidge of banana made for a delightful (granola and cereal topped) snack…IMG_6066 (1024x683)

…and cantaloupe was a crazy idea that just, well, popped!IMG_6085 (1024x683)

Banana cherry…so good, it’s…scary?IMG_20140308_163758

And how could anything with chocolate on top be bad?

IMG_20140307_134503Sure, this isn’t the level of smooth(ie) operating that some achieve. There’s still not spinach involved or anything like that. But the whole concept of a blank, cool canvas is really, well, growing (naturals?) on me.


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