What I Ate (The Day After) Valentine’s Day

by Sarah on February 19, 2014 · 7 comments

Apparently The Professor and I are big on making up our own holidays. After New Year’s Eve was spent flying home from Key West and not making it past 9:00, why not just move Valentine’s Day to Saturday, when the chaos of an insane PhD-just-got-REAL week would have meant falling asleep in my soup?wiaw_valentines

And it would have been really sad to miss eating this creamy soup made from local turnips and collard greens, with a subtle hint of heat that hit you just when you thought this was a mild palate teaser.

IMG_20140215_220438But I should back up a bit–and not just to the fancy cocktail I chose from the dessert section of the menu. [Of all times to eat dessert first, the day after Valentine’s Day is it, no?]


After I was told there was a surprise dinner reservation, I immediately started asking questions got excited, and quickly determined we were headed to Epiphany, the local “farm-to-fork” restaurant that is right up my “creative food is good food” gastronomic mentality.IMG_20140215_220243

You might remember the local sweet potatoes with coffee creme fraiche, soy glaze, and apricot puree from the One Hundred Mile Dinner I attended in the fall with my friend Leigh Ann. IMG_20140215_220333

The Professor followed that up with the special: hake, sourced from Maryland that morning via a “Sea to Chef” program, on bacon-braised cabbage with curry yogurt sauce.IMG_20140215_200940_049

Meanwhile, I was savoring (rather quickly, I must admit) every delicious bite of scallop crudo perfection, and the accompanying soy, ginger, apple, and matcha powder adornments.IMG_20140215_201003_827

The fried Brussels sprouts with soy caramel, kimchi collards,  hot sauce, and (surprise inside!) apricot puree had to wait for a bit, but they were just as decadently delicious as our waitress insisted they would be.IMG_20140215_220530

I had no room for dessert (although seeing someone receive the Chocolate Espresso Mousse Cake made me think twice thrice). Although, lucky me: the day before I’d received a Valentine’s Day gift of Girl Scout Cookies…so I had my sweet tooth covered.* :)

*I know you were worried, Jenn.IMG_20140214_201447


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