What I Ate (Previously) Frozen

by Sarah on February 26, 2014 · 13 comments

Considering I saw High School Musical 3 the weekend it came out in the theaters, and once went on a date to see The Princess & The Frog, it truly took me a ridiculously long time to go see Frozen.IMG_20140223_151650

Luckily, my friend Emily was up for pretending we were small children last weekend–and left her actual small child at home–so we could indulge in a little “Why was that the best movie I’ve seen in a long time?” fun.disneys-frozen-2013-screenshot-anna

Me: Princess Anna is so…ME.

Emily: (Simultaneously) Princess Anna is so..YOU.

Am I right?


Regardless of just how much I may or may not resemble–perhaps more in awkwardness than appearance–Princess Anna, I DO have a love of all things frozen. Because I know Jenn is also a fan of the freezer, (previously) FROZEN is the theme of today’s What I Ate Wednesday contribution


While perhaps y’all may question the deliciousness of roasting previously frozen Brussels sproutsyou cannot deny the convenience of previously frozen greens.

IMG_3081 (1024x683)

When you know they are going to be cooked, they are also 548%* more cost efficient.

*Not mathematically calculated.IMG_3083 (1024x683)

Why spend twice as much to cook down fresh greens to nothing, if you’re just going to cover up the natural flavor with an Indian-spiced, and mango infused, korma sauce?IMG_4323 (1024x683)

No, no, an 89 cent box of frozen chopped spinach is the way to go.IMG_4373 (1024x682)

Especially when the (also previously frozen) mango can be a little bit pricier to come by.

But (mang-) OH so worth it.

IMG_4249 (1024x683)

In the early days of my blog (2010!) I professed my love for frozen mango, and I maintain that it is one of the best frozen fruits in which to invest, as the flavor and texture doesn’t change in the thawing process, and you get a WHOLE lot more bang mang (?) for your buck than trying to carve out fresh.IMG_4493 (1024x681)

I have been baking it with bananas and/or apples and a bit of ginger for topping my oatmeal.IMG_3908 (1024x683)

It tastes great with nuts, nut butter, or maybe perhaps (yes, from the freezer) Vega caramelized* savi seeds.

*which the company spells with a ‘k,’ but that’s both incorrect AND wrong

IMG_3168 (1024x683)

Another previously frozen produce winner is the humble pea. Not just the shelled, sweet green variety, but the steamable sugar snap sort as well.IMG_4452 (1024x683)

Even though The Professor slightly mocked my microwaveable approach to the vegetable side for my Sweet Potato Coconut Massaman Fish CurryIMG_20140222_200753_538 (1024x576)

…I maintain that those steam-in-the-microwave bags are an excellent time saver, especially when you cook them one minute less than the recommended time. [That way, they stay crispy!]IMG_4638 (1024x683)

Of course, I usually only buy them if they are on sale, much like that frozen salmon I stumbled upon, and turned into a phenomenal lunch box creation with quinoa and coconut-miso glazed parsnips and carrots.IMG_4646 (1024x683)

That salmon–although sporting suspiciously squared edges–is really pretty good (especially seasoned with sesame ginger sprinkle), and cooks quickly in the oven. It tasted great with the last of that Spinach Mango Korma I just talked about five or so pictures ago.IMG_4755 (1024x681)

Now, excuse me for  little bit while I go figure out what to do with my newly replenished stock of frozen goodies…



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