Just To Clarify…

by Sarah on February 24, 2014 · 15 comments

Bahahaha with a “b” and hahaha with an “h” are two very different responses. Bahahaha¬†(sometimes written Bah-hahaha or BAHahahaha) has an accent on the first syllable and evokes the “I’m laughing so hard I just spit out my drink,” while hahahaha is more of a “how clever; that’s funny; let’s all chuckle over this in jovial mutual understanding.”MjAxNC1hMzdiNGNmYzM0MjQ2MGU5

Haha, meanwhile, has either a slightly sarcastic tone or a “that’s supposed to be amusing, and I find it mildly so, but I’m really just smiling so you don’t feel awkward for trying to be comical” feeling behind it.

And then there is ‘Ha,’ which really means “You are no longer entertaining. I am not amused.”


The Professor is a professor, but not MY professor.

It’s all above board.IMG_20140207_191945

If you need to know more than that…you probably already do.

[Unless you are Brother Smart. Then you shall remain in the dark.]


I’m not actually from Virginia.

And I only lived in Austin for a little over a year.

But while I take pride in certain things about actually being from Pennsylvania..I will continue to pretend like I’m a true blue Texan with camellia roots extending all throughout the South.IMG_20140208_170358

And y’all can’t stop me.

Bless your hearts.


I’m not making Nutty Butter anymore.

At least not to sell to anyone.IMG_20140216_172614

I’m just too lazy to deal with the pages on my blog.

Tell your friends.


You may have noticed my lack of blog commenting and/or general involvement in the blog community of late. Maybe you haven’t noticed, or if you have, you did what most bloggers do and stopped reading my blog since I wasn’t reading yours. While on occasion I do miss having a more active role in blogland, I’ve not been super inspired to come up with crazy creative recipes or blog fodder (that doesn’t involve me just typing my inner monologue)…IMG_0784 (1024x682)

…when eating some version of the same two or three meals on repeat–IMG_2848 (1024x683)

—or letting friends supply my dinner–IMG_20140217_191707 (1001x562)

–sometimes makes more sense.


I also just really like Instagram.IMG_20140218_084415 (1)

(And that whole PhD thing? Yeah, that ish has gotten REAL this semester.)


I still like blogging though.

(Just to clarify.)


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