Kanye Should Have Named His Baby Key…[What I Ate Wednesday]

by Sarah on January 1, 2014 · 12 comments

…because then she would have not only followed in the Kardashian K-name tradition, her name would be a tropically vibrant destination, instead of a compass direction.IMG_20131231_080146_157 (800x450)

Just saying.IMG_0834 (800x533)

Two point five days was the perfect amount of time to soak up some rain sun, explore the wild streets and quirky neighborhoods of the island…


…and, of course, hang out with a bunch of roosters.

(Seriously, where ARE all the hens?)IMG_0843 (534x800)

Oh, and, you know…eat.keywestWIAW

Although the trip was full of rather decadent treats to share with Jenn, and all of you WIAW aficionados, I was no less excited about the breakfast I packed for the plane: overnight oats made with Love Grown Superoats and Growing Naturals vanilla protein powder, topped off with Earth Balance coconut peanut butter, and accompanied by a Sweetango apple.IMG_20131229_071315

We wasted no time in kicking off the key-cation, meeting friends at Charlie Mac’s, a BBQ restaurant off of Duvall Street…IMG_0842 (800x533)

…where it was burnt end tacos for The Professor…IMG_0849 (800x533)

…and blackened mahi mahi tacos for me. (Along with a generous sampling of all three of Charlie Mac’s BBQ sauces…)IMG_0857 (800x533)

Did I mention one of the best Bloody Marys I’ve ever had?*

*Not that I’ve had all that many, really.IMG_0860 (533x800)

The Fried Lobster BLT served up the next day at Six-Toed Cat looked tempting, certainly…IMG_0941 (800x533)

…but I was happy to munch on a pre-packed peanut butter sandwich and apple after visiting Hemingway’s ghostIMG_0921 (532x800)

I had to save myself for something better.IMG_20131230_134118_383 (800x450)

Chocolate-Covered Key Lime Pie.

On a stick.

What about that ISN’T amazing?IMG_0947 (800x533)

Breakfasts were provided both mornings by the fabulous Old Town Manor where we stayed.IMG_0830 (533x800)

A breakfast bar with a range of options, including toast, peanut butter, yogurt, fruit?IMG_0867 (800x533)

Plus endless coffee?IMG_0875 (800x533)

Surrounded by THIS?IMG_0874 (800x533)

Yep. Perfection.IMG_0887 (800x533)

I know what you’re thinking: Sarah, you went all the way to Key West and only ate one piece of Key Lime pie and drank only one tropical drink?*

*Is a mimosa really even tropical?IMG_0936 (533x800)

And that is where you would be wrong.IMG_20131229_180024_634 (800x451)

But I’ll save the wedding recap for another day. :)IMG_20131230_173413_506 (800x450)


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