I Love My Freezer.

by Sarah on January 23, 2014 · 8 comments

I’ve actually been stocking up photos for a post of this nature for awhile–I do love my themes–but it wasn’t until Meghan gave me the perfect hashtag that I knew it was time to officially begin* the  freezer celebration.

*Let’s be real. There will be a part two. And maybe a part three.


Let me just remind y’all that I will freeze pretty much anything. (Even salted, roasted edamame. It tastes better cold. And sprinkled on this giant mess.)IMG_1337 (1024x683)

Cooking for one for so many years teaches you that the freezer is a single lady’s best friend.IMG_9239 (1024x683)

It can’t put a ring on it, but it can give you some pretty nice ice (cubes).IMG_1614 (1024x683)

Or, you know, since I don’t actually like ice in my water, (roasted) beet cubes.IMG_1505 (1024x681)

Considering the joy of putting beets in smoothies, this just makes concentrating the flavor all that much easier.IMG_1575 (1024x683)

And as soup always tastes better a few days later…clearly a few WEEKS (or months) later won’t hurt it any.IMG_20140113_202133

Although sometimes bread might get a wee bit freezer burned if you forget it about it, dipping it into soup is a good alternative.IMG_1635 (1024x681)

As is turning into sweet (or savory–as in my Mushroom Bolognese) bread pudding.IMG_1770 (1024x683)

Of course, we all know the wisdom of saving some of the fresh, local, in season produce while you can get it.IMG_1652 (1024x682) (2)

This previously frozen local cauliflower tasted just as good as fresh.IMG_1650 (1024x683)

But I’m also a fan of frozen vegetables I didn’t stick into Ziploc bags myself. IMG_2237 (1024x682)

Yes, I DO roast previously frozen Brussels sprouts. They might not be as crispy as you get with fresh ones, but they are cost efficient and still pretty darn tasty.IMG_9707 (1024x683)

Whole Foods’ frozen curly blue kale is delicious when cooked in a pan with some fresh onion and seasonings…IMG_1367 (1024x683)

..and mixed up with spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, and eggs.IMG_1381 (1024x683)

Or with the rest of that very large squash with the previously mentioned  frozen veggie burger and edamame chaos that was this dish:IMG_1350 (1024x683)

I also buy fish previously frozen. Usually I thaw it before pan-searing or baking it, but not always.IMG_9818 (1024x683)

It still cooks evenly and tastes amazing.* [Plus, it’s cheap. And most “fresh” seafood is frozen at some point anyway.]

IMG_1984 (1024x683)

*So do roasted parsnips and multicolored carrots. But we can talk about that later.IMG_1996 (1024x683)

So, freezing snackable, salty edamame may be a bit weird–I’ll give you that–but is it odd to prefer dried fruit from the freezer door?IMG_20140116_082357_050 (1024x576)

(Where it–like my Vegan Pumpkin Molasses Oat cookies crumblies–stays super cold, but also chewy…)IMG_1899 (1024x683)

Certainly freezing Vega  savi seeds and Seed & Bean ginger dark chocolate is normal? IMG_20140114_084503_754 (1024x576)

Not like I care what’s normal. I DO however care that frozen wild blueberries may be super delicious, but they quickly make all pretty platings (bowlings?) super PINK, leading to a very time sensitive photography situation.IMG_2122 (1024x686)

But I guess that’s a personal problem.


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