What I Ate…Some Day.

by Sarah on December 4, 2013 · 11 comments

When you’ve been blogging for years (and years) and have an insta-bsession you get into the habit of taking pictures of everything you eat, even if you have no plans of what to do with those photos.IMG_9011 (1024x683)

What you are left with is a cluttered photo gallery of pictures that never see the light of  day Blog Land. (Until now, I guess.)photogallery

So, Jenn, let’s call this What I Ate Wednesday SOME Day.*

*As opposed to someday. When I WILL eat other stuff.WIAWsomeday

And no, Michael Jackson, don’t exactly “remember the time” of consumption–michael-jackson-remember-the-time

–but  from the photos they certainly look like they were probably delicious whenever they were eaten.IMG_7575 (1024x683)

OK, you already caught me: I totally know that that Cajun tuna and red pepper relish sandwich on Great Harvest Cville Crunch bread was consumed at a rest stop entering Tennessee on my way to visit Brittany in Louisville. There was salad, too.

IMG_7576 (1024x683)

Speaking of fish, I know I already mentioned this meal at some point (but I’m too lazy to go back and find it to link to), however I never deleted the pictures and it just reminds me that you’ve got to think outside of the can when it comes to cranberry sauce, because it makes a great glaze for fish. [And that I really need to get some more cabbage for roasting.]

IMG_5887 (1024x683)Other sassy sauces include this apricot ginger cashew cream drizzled on rainbow chard and dry fried tofu.IMG_5378 (1024x683)

At least I think it was an apricot ginger cashew cream. It’s been awhile, so I can’t be 100% sure.IMG_5401 (1024x683)

There is no question about this, however: red pepper relish on a green chile adzuki bean burger from one of my new favorite companies, Hilary’s Eat Well. (Chimichurri seasoned local turnips on the side.)

IMG_8674 (1024x683)

Stockpiling photos does give you a good idea of what your go-to meals and food fixations of the moment might be.

IMG_8301 (1024x683)

Like eggs. Sometimes covered in BBQ or Peach Vidalia Hot Sauce. Occasionally with toast. Always used as a cross between syrup, sauce, and dip.IMG_9027 (1024x683)

Mashed turnips? Plantains? Sure, why not?

(Nothing beats sweet potatoes though. Nothing.)

IMG_8579 (1024x683)Also trending on The Smart Kitchen?

Overnight oats.

On the days when I have morning class, it is the perfect grab and go, keep me full and focused, breakfast.
IMG_8527 (1024x683)

That pumpkin overnight oats, plum-and-sunflower (maybe?) butter topped concoction above was particularly pretty. As was this version, also pumpkin, also (nut) buttered, but with red pear and fig preserves.

[And also in a jar…]

IMG_9001 (1024x683)

Oh wait, is that another batch of pumpkin overnight oats? Yes, yes it is. [I stocked up on canned pumpkin at Costco. What’s it to you?]

IMG_9100 (1024x683)Sometimes I DO stir pumpkin into something other than oats. Like yogurt. Perhaps covered in Vanilla Honey Toasted Oats and Cashews.

IMG_8542 (1024x683)And when I run out of toasted oats, there’s always Dark Chocolate Covered Granola for my yogurt bowls.IMG_7862 (1024x682)

Plums and pumpkin aren’t the only Costco purchases that consumed my consumption: I very quickly worked my way through this giant-sized jar of pickles.IMG_9116 (1024x607)

I’m pretty sure I ate a lot of them really late at night for some reason. But again, I can’t be 100% certain about that.



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