Shopping Snack-lanta: Sprint2Atlanta, Part 3

by Sarah on December 19, 2013 · 6 comments

For me, traveling is just code for grocery shopping.

You may think I’m kidding, but my first stop on my Atlanta trip last weekend was most definitely Whole Foods…where they obviously knew I was coming.IMG_20131213_164654

Bloody Marys, pimiento cheese, and pickles?

Cue Maria Von Trapp, because THOSE are  few of my favorite things.IMG_20131213_171333

And although I had thought that our visit to the land of Indian-spiced chicken and waffles at Cardamom Hill might be my most assertive deviation from vegetarianism yet, it was actually this Holman & Finch bacon caramel corn that did me in.*

*It was right next to the pulled pork BBQ…the smell of which was driving me crazy. I was weak. So weak.IMG_20131213_170304_738 (800x450)

Coupling the bacon  with a rich meal made me highly thankful for the opportunity to sample Laura‘s famous evening AND morning ACV ‘cocktails.’ IMG_0118 (800x533)

After putting me through ‘Glute’ Camp on Saturday, I was also more than happy to taste one of her famous smoothies.IMG_20131214_121016

This Chocolate Beet Smoothie, made with Growing Naturals protein and beet powder, got some strange looks from the trainers at the gym, but Laura and I are sisters in Strange but Good AWESOME, so I thought nothing of the ingredients OR appearance.IMG_20131214_122419

From post-workout smoothies to snacking my way ‘around the world’ at the Buford Highway Farmers Market, where I sampled Italian pasta, Mexican quesadillas, and a plethora of Asian noodle and rice creations.IMG_20131214_142706_892 (800x450)

Yet it wasn’t the snacks that made me so happy, but the PRODUCE: beets the size of my head, fresh okra, beautiful Brussels, white sweet potatoes, JICAMA!IMG_20131214_145311

[I wasn’t kidding about the amount of grocery shopping I do on trips. Did I mention I also went to Trader Joe’s?]IMG_20131213_181953

The snacks continued at home, where Laura became the official snack ninja, and put together this amazing spread of summer rolls, raw veggies, and Roots spinach hummus.IMG_20131214_170031_595 (800x450)

The epic Cakes & Ale dinner followed, after which I had a food and gin hangover, and could do nothing more than head back home to ‘bama.IMG_1428

Of course, I was appropriately snack-laden for my drive, and not just with the gifts Laura had brought me back from Portland.IMG_20131213_191222

She also made me an incredible batch of Maple Banana Oats with vanilla Growing Naturals protein powder, topped with almond butter and her grandmother’s muscadine jam that, to quote Laura, “didn’t suck.”IMG_20131215_095100

I believe I owe Laura a Snack Ninja bastardization of the Strange but Good logo, but I also believe that may find an appropriate time at a later date. For now, I’m getting one last use out of the Sprint 2 Atlanta homage to Her Strangeness.sprint2atlanta

But since I like THAT so much, I guess I’m just going to have to go back, right?


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