Cardamom Hill: Sprint 2 Atlanta, Part 2

by Sarah on December 17, 2013 · 8 comments

If Laura and my wild Atlanta evening at Cakes & Ale was a completely unplanned surprise, then dinner at Cardamom Hill the night before was a long-awaited strategic plan.IMG_0024 (800x533)

Over two years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of taking a cooking class about Kerala (Southern Indian) cuisine at Central Market in Austin, Texas, and ever since then I’ve watched Asha Gomez rise to well-deserved fame as the Atlanta-based chef/owner of Cardamom Hill.IMG_0017 (800x533)

Laura knew of my fondness for Asha and Kerala cuisine, so she basically had no choice but to make reservations for us the first night of my Atlanta adventure.sprint2atlanta

We were also reunited with Heatherwho I had not seen since Blend--and after a wait at the bar, settled in for an incredible meal, years in the making.IMG_0029 (800x534)

Appetizers were a must, and we settled on a side of spicy green beans (above) and bhajiasweet potato and onion fritters–drizzled in tamarind sauce.IMG_0066 (800x533)

The showstopper of the first course, however, was the egg appama coconut and rice crepe topped with a poached egg and (spicy!) chili grilled shrimp.IMG_0035 (800x534)

Cut by our server tableside,* y’all KNOW the runny egg made for a delicious syrupy sauce…

*And yes, I cut the fourth quarter into threes, so we could all have an equal share. IMG_0057 (800x533)

For our (shared) mains, there was no holding me back once I spotted a southern Indian twist on a southern U.S. favorite: .Shrimp & Grits, featuring a spicy curry sauce and lentils mixed into the ginger-infused cornmeal.

IMG_0071 (800x533)

Our second selection was Roasted Red Snapper in Coconut Curry with a side of basmati rice and cardamom sweet potatoes.IMG_0076 (800x533)

Don’t be fooled by this plate. There wasn’t a single drop of curry or hint of spice left in any dish by the time we all got through.

IMG_0093 (800x533)

Sadly, the only thing missing from this dinner was seeing Asha again.

I guess that means I just have to go back?


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