The Return of Yucks & Yums

by Sarah on November 25, 2013 · 11 comments

It’s been almost two years since I’ve done a Yucks & Yums post–my way of trying to combine random opinions of things I’ve eaten (or done) into something catchy and quirky, playing on one of my Smart Kitchen rules: “Don’t Yuck My Yum.” You can, however, yuck your OWN yucks. Or your own yums. If that makes any sense. [I’m not sure it does.]

to MY idea of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, and the Thanksgiving magazine editions that go along with it.IMG_9110 (1024x683)

This was a particularly good year forthe big three,” as I think of my middle age-women-targeted food and lifestyle magazines. So yummy, in fact, that I actually brought them all home from the gym with the intention of actually using (or, well, loosely adapting) some of the recipes, instead of leaving them behind for other gym-goers in need of some home design or culinary inspiration.


Yuck to inconsistent recipe testing, as in the case of my (flavor perfect but texturally confused) Pumpkin Molasses Oat Cookies.IMG_8560 (1024x683)

Good thing that one of those inconsistencies ended up with the texture and flavor of a pumpkin gingerbread dough, and led to the creation of this Pumpkin Molasses Cookie Trifle, turning a yuck into a YUM.IMG_20131120_164823_357 (1024x576)

(I did carry this trifle around campus as though it were perfectly normal. Although, as The Professor pointed out, anyone who knew me wouldn’t have even blinked at the concept.)


I served that trifle with one of the giant spoons from the set of silverware that Melissa sent me, after learning of the existence of only two forks, no table knives, and approximately 15 spoons in my kitchen. YUM to surprise packages from friends.

IMG_20131118_191126_883 (1024x576)


I haven’t yet sampled the Quest Bars (although I’m excited to see if they are all everything claims them to be), another new bar I HAVE tried is the Blueberry Smart Bar from Detour Bar.IMG_20131119_134742_337 (1024x576)

These gluten-free, low sugar, oatmeal protein bars are somewhat of a cross between a blueberry muffin and a Pop-Tart. So that obviously deserves a YUM.IMG_20131119_134659_476 (1024x576)

Overall, I am a fan…and not just because they were named after me. :)IMG_20131106_144308_410 (1024x576)

(I must give a minor, lower-case yuck, however, to the slight aftertaste which I believe comes from the whey protein, but who is to say?)


YUM to sweet cereal surprises from more-than-blends. Meg saw that I couldn’t get my favorite Attune Foods Erewhon Buckwheat & Hemp Supergrains cereal in Tuscaloosa and sent me some completely unexpectedly.
IMG_20131119_183719 (1024x767)


YUM to white sweet potatoes.IMG_7073 (1024x683)

Seriously.IMG_8497 (1024x683)

I cannot even describe how they are different but they are…IMG_7411 (1024x683)




IMG_8392 (1024x683)

And I might have overbought them from my potato guy at the market for fear I’d never find them again.IMG_20131109_074435_045 (1024x586)

They’re even better with egg yolks.

IMG_7093 (1024x683)

Also crazy delicious when smoked.IMG_20131109_155428_870 (1024x576)


Now, while smoking food is awesome, a huge YUCK to SMOKING in general.

And YUCK to secondhand smoke, which kills 135 people each day, a fact that Eta Sigma Gamma, the Health Education Honor Society of which I am a part, hoped to make clear with a flashmob of death on campus for the Great American Smokeout, modeled after a similar #truth campaign video.IMG_20131121_123912


Other fun happenings around campus include my first visit to the President’s Mansion for an Association for Women in Science reception. YUM to high-rolling with crabcakes and lemon cheesecake bites. [And further reinforcement of my obsession with chandeliers.]PhotoGrid_1384903033152


The promise of wine at said reception may not have come to pass–undergrads were invited, y’all–but no worries: I generally prefer kombucha to wine anyway.IMG_20131103_115614_611 (1024x576)

And I’ve found not one, but TWO, new-to-me favorites: YUM YUM YUM to Blood Orange bucha and Lavender The Bu kombucha.

IMG_20131110_161914_569 (577x1024)


Any yucks or yums in y’alls lives lately?


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