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by Sarah on November 5, 2013 · 63 comments

The last time I had the honor of giving away a new Love Grown Foods product, I wrote a Valentine’s Day ode to Hot Oats.

This time, I have channeled Katy Perry circa 2008, with my SUPER OATS inspired version of Hot ‘n’ Cold.



You change your mind:

Which LOVE’s your fave, d’you suppose?IMG_4337 (684x1024)

Yet you, haven’t tried


Then you’ll

Yes, please: gluten-free!

With quinoa, chia seedIMG_3374 (1024x683)

I should know

That they’re SO good for meIMG_7755 (1024x683)

‘Cause they’re hotIMG_6647 (1024x683)

Then they’re coldIMG_4315 (1024x683)

With yolksIMG_4270 (1024x683)

And in doughIMG_7438 (1024x683)

Wanna win? Fill it out.

Raffle up: Are you down?SuperOatsLoveGrownGiveaway

Grains are strong,

And they’ll fightIMG_7764 (1024x683)

Hunger morning

And nightIMG_3164 (1024x683)

Simply pure, amaranth

Nuts and seeds (not an ant)IMG_6649 (1024x683)


You can’t really wanna say “No”?IMG_5359 (1024x683)


Enter to win super o-oatsIMG_5935 (1024x681)

‘Cause they’re hotIMG_3183 (1024x681)

Then they’re coldIMG_6791 (1024x683)


And I’m sold!IMG_4936 (1024x683)

Wanna win? Fill it out.

Raffle up: Are you down?

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