Sodas, Snacks, and Anything Free (WIAW)

by Sarah on October 16, 2013 · 9 comments

I think this whole soda and candy protein bar late afternoon snack is becoming a habit.IMG_20131015_171022_968 (1024x577)

OK, so it’s happened two days in a row now.IMG_20131014_153526_290 (1024x574)

Maybe three times total in the past few weeks.*

*Although, with how good these lower sugar Detour Bars are…we might make into double digits before you know it.

IMG_20131014_160837_072 (1024x577)

(The bar part….not the soda. That is DEFINITELY a habit.)

IMG_20130925_170544_519 (575x1024)

But at least I can finally justify the years of stockpiling these bars..IMG_5896 (1024x683)

…as though I subconsciously knew that I would end up in student status again.IMG_5920 (1024x683)

I admit, when Kaila told me I was ‘such a gourmet’ (or something to that effect) after seeing my lunch via Instagram on Tuesday–cranberry ume plum glazed tilapia, roasted cabbage, and kabocha with mustardI had to laugh.IMG_5871 (1024x683)

If only because I feel like I’m hanging over the precipice of stereotypical student subsistence, defined by snacks, soda, and anything that’s free.WIAWstudentsnacks

And while it is true, Jenn and all you students (and writers) of the What I Ate Wednesday textbook(s) that I’ve been cooking and creating and doing a pretty good job of maintaining a healthfully balanced meal plan…

(Yes, watermelon in October. It was delicious and I’d do it again.)IMG_5694 (1024x683)

…I’m also easily influenced by a lack of time and offers of anything free.IMG_20131013_191420 (720x404)

Of course, buy one get one free Chipotle vegetarian salad bowls is just financially savvy, isn’t it?IMG_20131013_191457 (1024x576)

(Leftovers combined with fresh spinach, mushrooms, celery, and nutritional yeast is simply delicious.)IMG_5840 (1024x683)

And free TCBY Grapefruit Sorbet, and MORE Chipotle guacamole at the Student Health Fair?IMG_20131009_112615_934 (1024x577)

I’ll take it. And I’ll dip apples into it.IMG_20131011_142727 (922x518)

Then I’ll thank the chair of our department for this catered lunch from Zoe’s KitchenIMG_20131004_135315 (854x480)

–from which I brought home leftovers–

IMG_20131004_135233 (938x528)

–and my faculty mentor for this Valencia Orange Refresher from Starbucks.IMG_20131009_104025_588 (576x1024)

And if the Graduate Mentoring Program wants to buy an excess of Mellow Mushroom pizzaand send me home with four pieces–well, I’m not going to complain about that either.

IMG_20131011_183430_109 (1024x576)

The only thing I’m really concerned about now, however, is this:IMG_20131012_201315_874 (1024x575)

Where the heck can I buy the rice puffs that are in Cheez-It Party Mix?


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