A Farmer’s Dozen

by Sarah on October 2, 2013 · 11 comments

We all know about a baker’s dozen,* but what about a farmer’s dozen?

*If you’re a nerd like me and want to know the history behind it, check out this post.

A dozen eggs, that is.IMG_4888 (1024x683)

Despite going to the farmers’ market for countless Sundays with Lindsey in Charlottesville, I never bought true farm eggs…nor even ate true farm eggs until I was housesitting and there happened to be a chicken coop in the backyard.

(OK, so they would be backyard eggs, not farm eggs, but whatever.)

IMG_5095 (683x1024)

But lucky me, down here in Alabama, not only is the farmers’ market local produce fresher and less expensive than that sold in the grocery store, the local eggs are also fresher (obviously) and less expensive (surprisingly) than those sold in the grocery store.IMG_3463 (1024x682)

And look at these yolks!

IMG_3121 (1024x682)

It was Joel Salatin at Polyface Farms who told me that the sign of a good egg is an orange yolk, because that indicated a chicken who had munched on grass, lived in the sunshine, and maybe worked a little harder than the other chickens.*

*I do believe he made a reference to yellow yolks being the sign of chickens on welfare.IMG_3836 (1024x684)

Some are more orange than others, but color (and politics) aside, these farm eggs are just plain craveable.IMG_4223 (1024x683)

So how did I eat my very first farmer’s’ (market) dozen?IMG_3817 (1024x683)

Two accompanied some Cajun BBQ-Glazed local kuri squash and local turnip greens (above), and one found itself tucked in a corner while the best (local) delicata I’ve ever eaten and cooked quinoa covered in the original Cajun NOLA Sauce took away some of the fried egg’s fanfare.

IMG_3442 (1024x683)That fried egg’s pair ended up in another quinoa concoction, with some chimichurri-seasoned local zucchini and a full-of-flavor Georgia Jet sweet potatoIMG_3297 (1024x683)

…where it made one savory sauce.IMG_3306 (1024x682)

Two more got even saucierIMG_3140 (1024x683)

…with a plate full of local: turnip greens, tomatoes, and spaghetti squash (covered in Coconut Curry Cashew Hummus).IMG_3122 (1024x683)

From saucy to just plain sexy.*

*I am a yolk pimp after all.IMG_4532 (1024x684)

One egg landed on plate of four-titude featuring Green Pea Guacamole, local roasted sweet potato, and raspberry pineapple salsa.IMG_4495 (1024x683)

One went unconventional (and alliterative), with a bowl of curried savory sweet potato (Love Grown) Super Oats, with sweet peach hot sauce.IMG_4255 (1024x683)

This madcap mess was only surpassed…IMG_4272 (1024x683)

…by the accidental cracking of a yolk.IMG_3473 (1024x683)

The result of which was two eggs making a very Pollock-pleasing painting plate.IMG_3490 (1024x683)

And finally, two by two okra and kabocha*….and ketchup.

*Hey, that rhymes. 

IMG_4236 (1024x683)

Two plus one plus one plus two. 

Plus one plus one plus two plus two.

If I counted correctly, that’s a dozen consumedIMG_4894 (683x1024)

…but don’t y’all fret, I’ve already bought twelve more.


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