10 Weird Ways to Eat Pumpkin

by Sarah on October 31, 2013 · 12 comments

Happy Halloween!


IMG_20131027_162842_911 (1024x1024)

Pirate Pete, the Pumpkin and I are here to share some peculiar pumpkin preparations. Instead of ‘things that go BUMP in the night,’ let’s think of this as ‘things that go ‘WHAT?!?’ in the kitchen.”

IMG_6045 (1024x681)

#1- Mix with baked beans and apples.IMG_6639 (1024x683)

On oatmeal.IMG_6657 (1024x683)

#2–Stir together with vanilla protein powder and applesauce.

Top with Vanilla Honey Toasted Oats & Cashews.IMG_6466 (1024x683)

#3- Take something perfect (like homemade peanut butter)…IMG_6677 (1024x683)

…to an entirely different level.IMG_20131020_160622_789 (1024x576)

#4Persimmon makes sense. Peanut butter, perhaps now, yes.IMG_6610 (1024x683)

But pomegranate and passion fruit (yogurt)?

#5–Yes, Ps.

IMG_6781 (1024x683)

#6- Spice up your pumpkin with salsa verde.IMG_7277 (1024x683)

Tomatill-NO WAY!IMG_7293 (1024x683)

#7–Turn into flour. [Or find someone who can.]IMG_7413 (1024x683)

#8–Make Pumpkin Oat Breakfast Cookies that you shape and cook like veggie burgers.IMG_7482 (1024x683)

#9–Season and bake your pumpkin’s guts.

IMG_7351 (1024x683)

Egg yolk syrup?IMG_7375 (1024x683)

Nooch-o cheesy…IMG_7502 (1024x683)

#10–Put that (pumpkin) into your pipe  smoker and SMOKE IT.IMAG0671

Maple smoked pumpkin. Yep. (Not liquid smoke. SMOKER smoke.)IMG_7529 (1024x682)

I know JUST who will appreciate this post of weird oddity: strange (and spooky) but very, very good indeed.

strangebutgood_pumpkinThe trick is that I’m a day early to link-up.

The treat is you get an extra 24 hours to contemplate my kooky creations.


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