“It’s a Wheat Meat World”: Sweet Earth Natural Foods

by Sarah on September 10, 2013 · 9 comments

Without Sweet Earth Natural Foods, I might not have eaten at all when I moved into my new apartment this summer.

Seriously, this burrito saved my sanity around 9:30 at night after a day of more stress and frizzling family tensions* when the frozen goodies I had long ago received made their final stop (after landing in Virginia, then Pennsylvania) in Alabama.

*Oh the joys of moving…

the anasazi: butternut squash, chpotle seitan, ginger, green chiles, anasazi beans

And this one saved my stomach the morning before we left for Georgia, when the only thing I’d managed to unpack were paper plates. [Thankfully, the former tenant left her microwave.]

the 'big sur' breakfast burrito: smoked seitan, potatoes, red peppers, tofu

Sister Smart and I most definitely wouldn’t have eaten so well on the road without this cooler, either.*

*Or the unsurpassably fantastic Chobani ice packs.

I am not even kiddingwhen I say that I have half a pack of Curry Seitan Satay strips left in my fridge, and I am postponing their consumption as long as possible because I love their product so much.

well, they WERE strips before my knife got into them...what can I say? i like things bite-sized.

(I’ll make it to, oh, maybe tomorrow.)

curry sweet earth seitain, salt + pepper sweet potato rounds, local tomatoes, lemon-lime okra

I’ve made seitan many times before—I’ve even taught cooking classes about it–but this is by far the BEST I’ve ever eaten. The texture is perfect–not too chewy, but not too tough–and even the traditional version has a craveable flavor.

And no, I haven’t only eaten my own.*

*I had it in a restaurant. Once….

the chipotle seitan was surprisingly delicious with sweet salsa and dilly cucumbers

Although the Big Sur Breakfast Burrito received tons of acclaim at Expo West in 2012–

—my favorite of the burritos would have to be The Santa Cruz, with its combination of beans and melty, cheesy, deliciousness.

Sweet Earth Natural Foods has not only translated their incredible seitan into savory, quick-cooking burritos (surrounded by perfectly soft flour tortillas, not soggy in the least–even after cooking) but also veggie burgers that meet the hard to attain ‘almost like a real burger’ texture¬†that holds up to cooking and doesn’t fall apart.

teriyaki burger with homemade peach duck sauce, spicy pickled corn salad, and a side of soy roasted carrots and broccoli

Unless you want it to, of course. :)

santa fe burger on a spinach salad with mushrooms, peaches, and mango salsa

I am absolutely obsessed with both flavorful combinations of seitan, barley, and quinoa

the santa fe features black beans and green chiles

–and am just so sad my visit to Sweet Earth’s ‘wheat meat world’ is over.

Hopefully they invite me back for a visit soon. :)


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