Current Events [September]

by Sarah on September 28, 2013 · 11 comments

Wow. Where did September go? I guess time really does fly when you are having fun busy studying, socializing, reading, blogging, researching, writing, meeting, cooking, exercising, and taking full advantage of having a DVR after over two years without cable.

How about I fill you in on my current events?

(Although, if I’m saying these are for September, and September is almost over…are they really current? Or are we now in history? And as soon as I post this, there will be lag time before you read it, and then they won’t really be current anymore, will they? Maybe we should call them contemporary events, as contemporary has a less specific connotation. Maybe?)*

*Paragraphs like this show you why I am a scholar.IMG_20130928_144342_706

Current Outfit

The red shorts and white top you see above that ‘I put on in an attempt to blend in with the diehard Alabama fans roaming mobbing at the craziness–Customer service? For tailgating?--that is football tailgating on Saturdays.PhotoGrid_1380400635081

I’m pretty sure the looks I received were the dyed-in-the-wool ‘Bama fans seeing right through me and into my Virginia heart.

Current Triumph

I took a kabocha with me to the Rivermarket Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning to prove to the hipster farmer that he has been misrepresenting his kuri squash.

He finally said, “You win.”IMG_20130928_082700_456

Also, cue Evanescence, because I am successfully bringing my mint plant back to life.IMG_4608 (1024x683)

Current Link

I spend a whole lot of time on the University of Alabama  Libraries website. That, with Google Scholar for citations, are my one (two?) stop shops for heading down the rabbit hole of research.gorgashomepage

Current Book

If by “book” you mean “stapled together journal articles,” then, well, lots and lots of stapled together journal articles.IMG_20130831_101217_099

I  DID just start Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, last night–a little bit more thought-provoking and already rather intriguing…

IMG_4758 (1024x683)

Current Music

Ben Rector‘s new CD was somewhat of an impulse purchase, but the first time I listened to it, I swear I had an emotional, religious experience. (And then I danced around my apartment, too.)


Current Consistent Guilty Pleasure


Current Drink

This is all Stepmama Smart’s fault…but y’all, I am addicted to these little Crystal Light packets.IMG_4741 (1024x683)

Current Food

Lots of local produceIMG_20130924_074820_258

…and EGGS upon EGGS upon EGGS.IMG_4221 (1024x683)

(I try to keep a day or two in between so I don’t over-EGG-zert myself.)

IMG_3296 (1024x682)

Current TV Show

As alluded to earlier, I’ve been taking full advantage of having cable–and DVR–for the first time in years. House Hunters is my perfect end-of-the-day-and-I’m-braindead diversion…HouseHunters_showheader

…and I’m WAY too excited about being able to watch a full season of Top Chef!!!!tcnola

Current Wish List

Trader Joe’s goat’s milk yogurt, the ability to take naps, a great Vinyasa yoga class, and a Whole Foods hot bar.

Current Needs

New running shoes!IMG_20130922_084737

Current Indulgence

Carbs. Carbs. And then more carbs.IMG_20130920_184026_057

Baked spaghetti. Bread.IMG_20130924_142909

Handfuls of  Maple Toasted Almonds & Oats made for me by my ‘Blog Mama’ Tricia.IMG_4215 (1024x683)

(And sent to me with this fabulous microwaveable ‘bug’ in my signature green!)1234232_10101128887821566_1298330480_n

Must be all those 6AM Boot Camp classes I’ve been taking…IMG_20130924_171328_434

Current Blessing

My fears of loneliness down here in Alabama were simply that: unfounded fears. I’m slowly building up a network of friends, or reconnecting with long-lost, randomly-now-live-here ones.IMG_20130926_192151

Like the sorority sister who had me over for the most amazing dinner…and homemade apple pie that convinced me I might actually like crust after all.IMG_20130926_195245

Current Slang

The South is swaying me…I nearly started an e-mail with ‘Honey’ the other day, and I have definitely caught myself saying “Bless their hearts” on (at least) one occasion.

Current Excitement


Current Bane of My Existence

…that it takes so long for persimmons to ripen.

Current Feeling



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