Turning Twenty-Nine [WIAW]

by Sarah on August 21, 2013 · 17 comments

It’s a good thing birthdays last for as long as you want them to, because I’ve officially been 29 for about ten days, and am just now deciding it appropriate to tell y’all about it.

although according to stepmama smart, i'll be celebrating 29 for YEARS to come.

As I mentioned briefly prior to my move, my breakdown of nerves and worry involved the perception of tragedy that was going to be celebrating my birthday alone.

oh, i know i am.

Turns out I wasn’t alone.

Google celebrated with me.

As did the Comcast technician who was lucky enough to spend Sunday morning helping me set up my cable–which I haven’t had for years--and internet.

my remote control still doesn't always work, but usually the tv is stuck on the food network or HGTV so i just go with it.

[All while I sat in my wingback chair, drinking coffee, and telling him my life story as we watched the digital read out on the cable box spin…and spin….and spin….]

Also at the party in my new apartment?

The vegan mouse who decided it would be awesome to eat all of my peaches.

it was all cute, little mousy fun and games until you went after my fresh peaches...

Not cool, little vegan mouse. Not cool.

i bought myself a mousetrap and a vacuum cleaner for my birthday. "welcome to your new apartment!"

But, this was supposed to be a post about what I ate on my birthday, not the made-up friends I invited to the party for one.

Have you met Herman, my new coffee maker?

 So, Jenn, and all y’all fellow revelers, what DID I eat Wednesday on my birthday?

After starting the day with a beautiful morning walk on the river, during which I metacognitively determined I should be having life-changing epiphanies at the start of another year, but instead thought about the flavors of frozen yogurt at the shop across the street…

…well, to be honest, I don’t remember if I ate breakfastat all. If I did, it was probably something like this bowl of kefir, peaches, and fiber-rich cereal and homemade muesli.

as god is my witness, that mouse will never get my peaches again!!!!

Lunch I remember. My new frying pan turned out two perfectly beautiful (and plate-hogging) sunny eggs for me to consume with toast and roasted eggplant and squash, all drizzled with Peach Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce.

Maybe, in the long run, it was good I was left alone with this yolk porn? (Heeheehee…)

It wouldn’t have been my birthday if I didn’t consume an excessive amount of YES! I picked a great one!” watermelon. Sister Smart may think grapes are my favorite, but watermelon speaks to my soul tastebuds.

When it was time for dinner, I was clearly just looking for any means to slurp up more of that delicious hot sauce (sent to me so long ago by Heather, I forgot where it actually came from), and with honey dijon mustard on a sweet potato, accompanying Sweet Earth Natural Foods chipotle seitan strips, mushrooms, and spinach, well, I was a happy (birthday) woman.

Sadly, no birthday cake for me. Nor sprinkles. (What was I thinking?) I did, however, satisfy my late night sweet tooth with a bowl of Greek yogurt, topped with a mix of cereal–including Fruit Loops--a few chocolate chips, and peaches.

And now I’m 29.

(And ten days.)

The end.

I feel like I should have a grand ending.

Like fireworks.

Or jazz hands.

Use your imagination.


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