The Sisters Smart Go To Birmingham…

by Sarah on August 15, 2013 · 7 comments

We might be the Sisters Smart, but I fear we are also the Sisters Strange.

not because we have matching dimples on opposite cheeks. that's just cool.

It was HER idea to use Bloody Mary Mix as a dumbbell as I put her through a modified-for-travel and intensified-for-challenge Best Body Boot Camp EMOM circuit workout our last morning in Georgia.

And she totally supported my decision to do a very unsafe U-turn in order to take a picture of (what we found to be hilarious) Talladega National Park. [“I’m all jacked up on Mountain Dew!]

we would have gone up to the sign. we did park. then we got scared of what critters might be in the grass.

And we BOTH ate leftover veggies from the night before with chopsticks in the car on the way back to Alabama.

Smart or strange, it really doesn’t matter, because we have a lot of fun.

and she got me to RUN!

After heading back to Tuscaloosa-which involved a rather lengthy detour so I could stop at an Earthfare in Montgomery…only to find one in Birmingham two days later (oops;))–

i never travel without a cooler or two.

she we decided she’d we’d had enough of my microwaved and toaster-ovened meals–

at least I found the newman's salsa. and tried to melt some veggie cheese.

(One night I steamed broccoli in a metal colander. I neglected to take a photograph.)

without sweet earth natural foods and paul newman, i'm not sure what we would have eaten.

So, since she’d be flying out of Birmingham that Friday morning, we figured we’d head there a day early and spend the night.

Lucky for us, I discovered with the help of google a wonderful coffee shop/restaurant downtown.

Urban Standard was just the right mix of quirky, fun, and deliciously creative for the artsy athlete that is my sister, and the freaky foodie that is me.

I heard their breakfast is even better, but lunch was pretty daggone good.

 Sister Smart ordered the corn salad and a cup of Caribbean black bean soup. The soup was incredible, with a great warmth coming from what we determined must be allspice.

I was drawn to the Urban Noodle Bowl (despite really wanting to taste the lemon ginger mint hummus) with udon noodles and a Thai BBQ vinaigrette sauce.

the baked tofu pieces were like fluffy marshmallows.

My request for a side of the hummus may have been denied, but they DID let me purchase a side of the Sweet Potato Edamame Salad.

The torrential downpours and flash flood alerts blowing up our phones made walking around downtown a less-than-tempting plan, but luckily for us, the real reason we were in the city was to tour the (incredible) Civil Rights Institute.

And even though the rain stopped, the past week of moving and travel had taken its toll, so a night of perusing Home Goods…

she convinced me to buy this very cute, but very heavy, piece of furniture that i only got into my apartment later thanks to a bellhop cart and a random undergrad guy i met by the mailboxes in my building.

…followed by a movie that I had longed to see, and LOVED, was a perfect end to Sister Smart’s time with me in ‘Bama.

sister smart was a trooper to go see this, considering she'd never even heard of it and completely forgot the name when trying to purchase a ticket.

Well, OK, a visit to Whole Foods, where they had cornhole set up outside, was the TRUE perfect end. 

Even though I’m sure she was nervous as the clock ticked away and I was STILL wandering the aisles at Whole Foods, I got her to the airport on time.

yes, i am always on that side in pictures.

So sad to say goodbye…but ready for my true adventure  to begin!


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