Georgia On My Mind [WIAW]

by Sarah on August 14, 2013 · 6 comments

Almost as soon as we had unloaded the U-Haul and emptied out my car in Alabama, Sister Smart and I hopped back into my vehicular mode of transportation and headed even further south to Georgia.

Caroline had her Smart Water. (Her SISTER Smart Water.)

I had my orange Zevia.

orange soda makes me feel like a small child. in a good way.

And both of us had WAY to much Great Harvest High Five Fiber Bread.* (If that is possible.)

*I also had a fabulous butter-binger recovery moment where I said, “Peanut butter is so much more satisfying when I’m not binging on it.”

Georgia might be known for peaches, but we couldn’t make it an hour down the road before Sister Smart and I had to stop at a roadside stand to pick up some of (Chilton County) Alabama’s finest.

As well as some of the boiled peanuts I mentioned before.

...which, as so many of y'all aren't familiar, taste like salty peanuts but with the texture of a chickpea.

Unlike November’s Thanksgiving visit, this trip to South Georgia was fairly quick. We didn’t go hunting (or riding behind the hunt), and my entire extended family wasn’t around, but it was relaxing, and we did eat well.

blackberry yogurt, honey nut cheerios medley, all bran

Breakfasts were at the plantation, both mornings a combination of Oikos Greek yogurt, cereal, and fruit.

peach yogurt, cherries, honey nut cheerios medley, oatmeal crisp

Of course, one morning I had to get a little experimental with some fridge finds.*

*If there are pickles in your house, I will find them.

'pickled' watermelon. heeheehee....

I also had the chance to undertake some other, not so weird kitchen experiments.

Corn, beans, sweet onion, and tomatoes from the farmer’s market joined forces with white (and white balsamic) vinegar, basil, salt, and white pepper, for an incredibly fresh and light Summer Bounty Salad.

Along with my attempt at Papa Smart’s Dilly Squash and Onions…

…my sous chef (Sister Smart) and I put together a rather veggie-ful dinner.

bran muffins with tilapia and grouper? it worked.

(With Minted Honey Lime Watermelon for dessert!)

While the grouper was phenomenal (and I definitely had seconds…and thirds), the best fish I ate in Georgia was the Blackened Cajun Redfish at The Plaza.

i gave some to sister smart, then immediately regretted sharing.

We also went out to lunch one day, at a deli and ice cream parlor called The Scoop, where you order, well, scoops. Sister Smart and I shared a plate of pimiento cheese, fruit salad, Asian slaw, and a black bean quinoa salad with feta.

Sister Smart and I spent a lot of time at the newly expanded Grassroots Coffee shop, where I was tempted to purchase a $17 bag of Tanzanian Peaberry because it was “just. so. good.” and realized that a splash of soy milk really makes for a great cup.

i also learned that a little flirting will get you free chocolate amaretto biscotti.

 After making the acquaintance of a metal puppy on the street corner…

…we were back on the road. AGAIN.

and eating leftover squash from the cooler with chopsticks.

(I hope all y’all–and especially you, Jenn, enjoyed this Georgia edition of What I Ate Wednesday!)


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