Best Body Bootcamp: A “Sense”-ible Plan

by Sarah on August 17, 2013 · 10 comments

When I was first struck with the idea of sign up for Best Body Bootcamp, I was in the middle of a post-running period of life when relaxing my concept of fitness was necessary for my mental well-being. I had started taking lots of fitness classes, and was enjoying cross-training, so I thought it might be fun to try out Tina‘s plan too.

Little did I know how much I would truly love and benefit from the biweekly workouts.

Even though I only followed the strength and cardio circuitsnot the suggested cardio HIIT routines, preferring to supplement BBBC with my classes or just chilled out elliptical-and-US Weekly workoouts–I found every routine to be easy to follow (especially with the cute videos of Tina performing every move from which I could model my own work) and adaptable to my current level of strength…or how ambitious I was feeling that day. 😉

[Sister Smart is incredibly fit, so I went a little crazy and even adapted a EMOM ‘closer’ into a tabata-style drill that even SHE found challenging.]

I don’t know that Best Body Boot Camp changed my life, but it certainly changed my senses.


It changed what I heard.

I started to hear comments like “You must work out a lot” and “That is perfect form!” in my strength training or sculpting classes.

I must admit, it was awesome.


It changed the way I thought.*

*Not really one of the five senses. But go with it.

Before BBBC, if I heard the words ‘travel’ ‘moving’ and ‘there won’t be a gym you can use,’ I would panic. “WHAT WILL I DO? HOW WILL I STAY IN SHAPE?”

During (and after) BBBC–with its ‘can-be-performed-almost-anywhere‘ routines, I just reacted with, “Traveling? No worries. Lucky for me, there are hand weights in the hotel.”

[And orange juice makes a great dumbbell.]

“Moving? No problem. I can always push these boxes aside to get in the floor moves.”


It changed the way I see.

I love looking in the mirror (or at photos) and seeing my strong arms and legs.

I love seeing myself lifting stronger, with more control, than other people around me in the gym.

I like what I see when I see ME.


Yes, it changed the way I smell. 😉

Who knew lifting could make you SWEAT so much?


And, most importantly, it changed the way I feel.*

*Fine, technically the sense is of touch, but again, we’re sticking with it for thematic purposes.

I not only look stronger, I feel stronger.

And I feel healthy.

I’m not afraid of weights or being the sole female in the ‘meathead’ room at the gym.

I feel fit, and like I have a great toolbox from which to draw when left to my own devices.

Having a plan has given me more confidence in my own abilities, and a never-thought-it-would-happen love of strength training.


You can bet I’ll be signing up as soon as registration opens on Monday.

(And not just because I’ll get a $10 discounted rate…)

I suggest you do, too. :)


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