What I (Slurped) Wednesday

by Sarah on July 24, 2013 · 13 comments

Although the Hearts of Palm and Roasted Corn Pico Salad Salsa whatever I made for this week’s Meatless Mondays A-Z challenge was fresh, light, and incredibly tasty, it definitely wasn’t coming with me to the Island of the Misfits-placed Wisdom Teeth.

Corn kernels and gaping holes in your mouth just don’t make a beautiful team.

But what DID I eat the day I had my wisdom teeth removed? I knew all y’all would all be curious to see just What I Ate Slurped Wednesday Thursday.

After my day of crunching–including my incredible just-before-midnightcereal, apple, and peanut butter “throw this in the face of dental surgeons everywhere”  snack–I entered a rather difficult period of fasting.

post-surgery not-too-cold coffee. no straw.

Luckily, I was knocked out or drugged up for a lot of it, but as the meds wore off, I wanted oatmeal…and applesauce.

Cooking as you are coming off of anesthesia is already quite dangerous  funny to imagine, but then insisting on photographing it, with a color popping background no less, is rather hilarious in concept. I did amazingly well. [And even remembered a dash of cinnamon would be so photogenic.]

focusing on the right part of the frame was a little difficult.

When you’ve got gauze wedged into your gums and cheeks, food is really not all that appealing, but because I had a rather miraculous and speedy recovery, I started to get antsy.

bloody mary mix somehow still was.

So, even though I didn’t want to eat much, it didn’t mean I couldn’t start prepping some grown-up baby food:

Nectarine Applesauce

and Brown Rice Puree.

Both of which–it was pointed out to me–are food creations I would eat even if  I still had all of my wisdom (teeth).*

Stepmama Smart’s South Beach Vegetarian Chili (shown above)came with me to Charlottesville, but it was not going to be able to continue on this journey…unless I stuck it into the food processor, too.

mixed with brown rice puree and melted vegan cheese

Dessert (second dinner?) was a tub of honey Chobani, mixed with cinnamon, wheat bran, and some of that nectarine applesauce I had made earlier in the day, topped off with almond ‘fluff’ from my last batch of almond milk.

I know many of you are thinking, Where’s the ice cream? Mashed potatoes? What’s going on here?”

Truly, I just didn’t WANT any of the passion fruit, raspberry, or lychee sorbetto I had purchased the day before.

(At least not until the next day at breakfast…or a few days later, when I started making sorbetto floats…)

But seriously, y’all, I never eat like anyone else WITH wisdom teeth…so would you expect anything to change without them? 😉


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