Currently: Lacking Wisdom (Teeth)

by Sarah on July 20, 2013 · 11 comments

As I mentioned previously, I had all of my wisdom (teeth) removed on Thursday morning. As I also mentioned previously, I have had a rather miraculous recovery.

In an effort to milk it for as many posts as possible give you as much detail as I’m sure you want about it, I have decided to roll my desire to do another “currently” post with an update on my lack of teeth.

You’re welcome.

(You are also welcome for this picture of me, which I only vaguely remembering posting on Instagram, but certainly cracks me up now.)

Current Book

I didn’t spend much time reading, despite having made the library my first stop upon returning to Charlottesville.

I did, however, finish the latest Sarah Pekkanen book, which I have been carrying around for a week or so.

Current Music

Stephen Kellogg’s solo album. Amazing.

Current Guilty Pleasure

Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.*

*Yes, I’m a season behind. No spoilers please.

Except I don’t really feel guilty about it at all.

Current Nail Color

Brilliant blue, painted on the Fourth of July by my seven-year-old cousin.

(And that I should probably change before it strips my nails. Or something. I don’t really know what I just said.)

Current Drink

I drank a lot of water.

A LOT of water.

But also a Diet Coke.

Because apparently that, and oatmeal, are what I crave when coming off of anesthesia.

Current Food

Anything I can process


the result of the afore-pictured spinach, red pepper, orange, and hemp experiment

Or slurp

i added a little more milk to this strange banana, bran, psyllium husk, applesauce creation to make it truly slurpable

Current Favorite Show

The Newsroom

Will: “Can you imagine Walter Cronkite saying ‘Lollipop, Lollipop’ more than as many times as I have in the past 10 minutes?”

Neal: “Not unless he was in an a cappella doo wop group.”

Current Wish List

To be able to eat raw vegetables again…

Current Needs

More of this Tuscan Sourdough bread from Great Harvest in Charlottesville.

worth delaying my departure from cville for...

Even if I can only take teeny, baby bites.

Current Celebrity Crush

OK, so he isn’t a celebrity, but I really was starting to like Zac on The Bachelorette.

Especially because he gave out Sno Cones, in a penguin suit. during the last episode.

I love nerds.

(I could also go for a Sno Cone right now.)

Current Triumphs

I made it back home to Pennsylvania in time for–and in brilliant enough health to enjoy–the bridal shower I had helped plan for my stepsister.

(Including a genius–if I do say so myself–“Make Your Own Mimosa” bar.)

Current Bane of My Existence

Those four holes in my mouth where my intelligence used to be.

Current Indulgence

I ate gelato for breakfast on Friday.

And then I mixed the melty parts into overnight oats to eat later that afternoon.

the combination of mango and chocolate sorbetto with cinnamon oats tasted oddly like pumpkin

Oh, and then there was the cake at the bridal shower.

You might not think a store called The Country Butcher could make such a beautifully delicious cake.

But you would be wrong.

lemon mousse w. vanilla buttercream and white chocolate, topped with raspberry and cookie dough ice cream from penn state's creamery

Current Blessing

My health.

And friends who care about me enough that they will not only make me a medicine log post-surgery, but also change the gauze on my teeth when my face was still too numb to know where my gums even were.

Current Slang

I’ve been saying “criminy!” a lot, which is clearly a result of spending too much time at home with Papa Smart.

My stepmom also thinks it’s funny that I say “Oy, vey!” all the time.

(Apparently I’ve has some moments of frustration recently.)

Current Excitement

I’ve already been testing my teeth with solid foods.

veggie burger, squishy squash, and sweet potato 'marshmallows' from the grill

So that’s fun.

the salmon was a success. the asparagus was not. the cheetos i would have done anything to make happen.

But I’ll write more on what I ate (and have been eating) later.

Because I’m currently wanting to go spend time with my family. :)


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