Crunching While I Can

by Sarah on July 18, 2013 · 6 comments

As of noon on Thursday, I will have four holes in my mouth where all of my intelligence used to be.

this required a drive back to charlottesville. i officially live in my car.

Needless to say, I had to take advantage of being able to chew while I could.

But first, a no wisdom (teeth)-friendly breakfast.

overnight psyllium husk oats topped with almond 'fluff' and strawberries

Perhaps eaten to prepare me for the upcoming change in my munching abilities.

[Or perhaps eaten because I really like to eat from jars…in cars.*]

*And become a poet. And I know it.

former cinnamon honey peach butter jar

Lunch was a strategic attempt to consume as many raw vegetables as possible while it didn’t hurt to eat like a rabbit.

Actually, I was eating more like a horse if you speak about actual method of eating, as opposed to diet, since rabbits always look a bit like they are chewing just with their canines, don’t they?

mango peach salsa mixed with feast's herb hummus makes for a surprisingly delicious dressing

How ironic. (Don’t you think?)

But I digress.

And this little happy hour of minted watermelon and oranges, with local Nugget’s Fresh Mint Kombucha is worth redirecting your attention.

I flippin’ love the duo behind that kombucha, and the genius that inspired them to make kombucha gelato and sell it at the farmers’ market.(But that’s another story for another day.)

why buy one, when you could buy two?

As seen in the photo above, I also stopped by Great Harvest, where the counter girl was so kind as to pack up my requisite free sample of Whole Grain Goodness, chosen for its perfect combination of doughy softness and nutty seedability.

And I knew post-extraction, nuts and seeds might be a problem.

 It paired beautifully with this ginormous salad.*

*Yes, another one.

This time topped with leftover salmonsent with me on my travels my Stepfather Smart–and Roasted Corn and Hearts of Palm Salsa.

your sneak peak at monday's MMAZ recipe...

And since I was required not to eat or drink anything–not even WATER-after midnight, well, you know I had to have a rather epic just-before midnight snack.

Lucky for me, Papa Smart doesn’t quite understand the joy to be found in the bottom of the shredded wheat  bag.

Cereal straw*, corn flakes, raspberry Chobani, an entire Fuji apple and a river of Trader Joe’s peanut butter.

*Otherwise known as Kashi Island Vanilla remains.

And now…bring on the ice cream.

(Or at least the pint of a gelato sorbet that a gift card got me today.)



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