But(t), Really…

by Sarah on July 7, 2013 · 6 comments

Cigarette butts? Bad.

Bread butts? Delicious.

not really a bread butt, but(t) this sourdough was too delicious not to share

Butting in on a conversation? Occasionally necessary.

A cauldron of butter for your lobster butttail? Marvelous plan.

my 'vegan'-ism is waning, but(t) i'm not sorry

 Butting in line? Could go either way, depending on if you are the butt-ee or the butt-ed.

Butt pockets on dresses? Obviously amazing.

but(t) they won't ever be as awesome as thumbholes. or will they?

So, remember that time when I went away to Wisconsin and added ‘blogging’ to the list of ‘things I kind of want to do but(t) also kind of don’t’ (right underneath actually reading other people’s blogs)? boutbutt that…

But[t] you know what?

I’m (more than) OK with it.*

*But(t) I also secretly, selfishly hope you’ve been missing me. 


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