Team Psyllium (Silly? Yum!)

by Sarah on June 28, 2013 · 9 comments

When I say ‘silly,’ you say ‘yum’!

Silly? YUM!

Silly? YUM!

Let’s get ready to rumble for fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiber!!!!!

For the past few months, there has been a secret agent sneaking around my (almost) nightly yogurt bowls.

Yes, this member of the Colon Improvement Agency has added its intriguing consistency and special digestive talents to my diet on very–ahem–regular occasions.

What the intestine is psyllium, you ask?

Psyllium husk, my dear friends fans, is pure soluble fiber. While oatmeal and other grains get lots of field time for their insoluble tenacity, and ability to stay in your gut and keep you full, psyllium works its way quickly down the field…but it takes a lot of players with him.

If you know what I mean.

But even more important than the improvement in my system I’ve noticed in adding a tablespoon to breakfast and bedtime snack, is how much FUN it is to play with.

bananas, psyllium, cinnamon, chocolate protein powder, and MORE FIBER (one)

You see, psyllium husk absorbs water (or other liquids) like you wouldn’t believe–ten times it’s own body weight measurement.

It’s like a freakin’ fiber camel in your colon.*

*Does that even make sense? 

Although I have many fun ideas about how this immediate thickening and absorption technique could play out on my culinary football field—

(Seriously, this all happened less than 30 seconds after adding some homemade almond milk.)

I had been sticking (not a very good pun intended) pretty exclusively to either spiking it with cinnamon in the bottom of my bowl or mixing it with protein powder, almond milk, kefir, and the occasional banana, as a base for a strangely delicious cereal snack.

Until I had a stroke of vegan-spired genius.

Why not use these thickening powers for good, instead of…um….good enough?

But more on that later. I’m all cheered out for now.*

*And am totally supposed to be reading for school. Oops.


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