Nibbles ‘n Bits

by Sarah on June 12, 2013 · 7 comments

You’ve heard of* Kibbles and Bits.

*Assuming you ever watched television during the late 80s and early 90s.

But have you heard of Nibbles and Bits?

It’s the latest diet trend sweeping the nation Smart Kitchen, generally resulting from a combination of moving, travel, semi-homelessness, and the crazy confluence of multiple life changes.

nut butter sampled on great harvest whole grain goodness bread is a different kind of life chang(ing)

This is a diet in the literal sense, as in “form and content of daily food intake.”

i'm pretty sure i've eaten a variation of this nibbles 'n bits chopped salad--with crumbled local tofu--twelve times.

There are no weight-loss or health improvement claims* associated with it.

*Although it will most definitely help you get over calorie counting, if that’s something you are dealing with.

nibbles and bits of bottom-of-the-cake are my favorite

Instead, the Nibbles ‘n Bits diet is characterized by the following:

Spending an extensive amount of time making a beautiful breakfast to take to work [slash]school…

berry kefir oats topped with raspeberry muesli

…but deciding once you have arrived that the goodies offered by the fifth grade’s ‘Writer’s Coffee’ or the special treats in the teachers’ lounge are much more appealing[And then eating your breakfast, too.]

teachers lounges are incredibly SWEET (-filled) places this time of year...

Subsisting on trail mixofficial* or unofficial^–for days at a time.

*Pre-packaged or made-at-home, but involving a well-thought-out combination of dried fruit, nuts, and seeds.

^Random handfuls of nuts, dried fruit, and seeds grabbed from various locations in your kitchen.

there were a whole lot more dates. obviously i eat those first.

Always packing a lunch for work [slash] school, but finding yourself nibbling on snacks throughout the day…

…or feasting on free fruit and veggies at the end-of-the-year parties rampant in elementary school.

The knowledge that spoonfuls of nut butter can add up to a meal.

rest in pea(nut butter)

Cooking mushrooms–

–or delicious eggplant bulgogi

–and rather than ever creating a beautiful ‘plate,’ eating everything straight from the pan, or at random hours of the night, straight from the fridge.

TVP sausage and mushroom bolognese

[This includes cold roasted (white) sweet potatoes, cabbage, squash or eggplant ‘chips.’]

white sweet potatoes roasted in olive oil, cumin, salt, and pepper

A nagging uncertainty about whether you’ve actually sat down to eat in weeks.

(And when you DO make a legitimate meal, getting so excited you end up eating the whole thing on the way from the kitchen to the table.)

local trout on garlicky spinach and tomatoes w. spring onions cooked in coconut oil

Considering making dinner, but instead testing and tasting multiple recipes for the cooking class you are teaching.

vegan spiced blueberry mango lassi

And deciding that is good for now.

haricot verts, walnuts, blueberries on mixed greens with blueberry lavender dijon dressing

And later.

blueberry salsa with jicama and avocado

Relying on some bizarre(ly delicious) combination of hemp protein, Plant Fusion Phood (protein and vitamins) or chocolate protein powder, psyllium husk, and almond milk–with or without applesauce–and cereal as your constant go-to snack when you just don’t know what else to eat.

Buying and splitting two loaves of bread with a friend, and never once making a sandwich or toast with it…just slicing off pieces or grabbing half a slice at a time for munching.

An inability to pass the fridge in your house without popping a hundred few pieces of melon in your mouth.

Adding granola and/or protein bars to your personal food pyramid.*

*Or should I say, “personal (my) plate (dot org)”?

apple cinna-YUM!

Nibbles ‘n Bits!

Nibbles ‘n* Bits!

I’m gonna get me some nibbles ‘n bits!

*I think, technically there should be an apostrophe on both sides of the ‘n’ but I’m choosing to ignore that. [Except in this footnote.]


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