Finding Calee + Founding Farmers [D.C.]

by Sarah on June 20, 2013 · 9 comments

On Monday morning afternoon*, I put on my road trip glasses, prepared my ‘Sarah face,’ and hit the road.

*Sue me. I needed to cut up a watermelon, OK?

these had not been "my road trip glasses" until that moment.

With listening material ready…

conveniently, this came in off my hold library hold list just that morning

…and an important road trip co-pilotin hand..

just not a road trip without it.

…I made it to D.C. without any traffic trauma or tears. Hunger, however, DID find me. Luckily, Calee had left me conference swag, and a note proving she knows me well.

i can't help that i'm a food klepto. or that the orzo salad and apple were so tempting.

My more-than-blend (and Nutty Butter designer) Calee was in D.C. for a conference involving agricultural college recruiting. I didn’t really care why she was there, I was just excited to take the opportunity to drive up from Charlottesville to mooch off of her hotel room see her.

And be there when she first tasted Trader Joe’s crunchy Cookie Butter.

this picture made better by the lack of utensils and knowledge that she was sitting on my cousin's moving boxes instead of a seat

I also knew that Calee’s visit had finally–four years (or more?) after I lived in D.C.given me a reason to eat at Founding Farmers, a well-known restaurant in D.C. focused on “true food and drink.” After drooling over chocolate cake and laughing at book titles at Kramer’s, we met up with Ashley for what would become one of my favorite meals of recent memory.

And not just because of the food.

smears + dips: avocado green goddess, spicy pimiento cheese, romesco sauce

(Although the butter and black pepper combination on this bread was enough to make me stop Ashley mid-sentence because I was so distracted by its deliciousness and needed to take a picture.)

I loved Founding Farmers–the ambiance, the architectural and design details, the creativity-sparking menu full of tempting dishes….even the mind-blowing cocktail combinationsthat I would have had an incredibly hard time NOT ordering if I were more of a drinking woman.

vegan meatloaf with crazy good mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, broccolini

But I also loved spending time with both Caleewho already is a true friend, confidant, and willing recipient of the random texts I tend to send people close to me— and Ashleywho I’d never met, but was so easy to talk to: down-to-earth, open, and insightful.

oh crispy onion straw, of course i wouldn't forget about you

The next morning, in true Sarah fashion, I was gripped by a craving that had to be satisfied.

Yes. For grapes.

I also lucked out to find a Greek yogurt and dessert gum on sale.

Continuing with the trend of ‘things Miss Smart would do,’ I then pretended to be part of Calee’s conference in order to round out my meal.

Breakfast was served. :)

A short but sweet trip, to see a short(er than me) and sweet friend.

[As the above photo was taken, I continued to keep up the “Miss Smart attends an agricultural conference” ruse by saying, “Fast friends formed over agriculture!” True story.]


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