Confessions of a Housesitter [WIAW]

by Sarah on June 26, 2013 · 13 comments

For the past few weeks I’ve been living in a semi-homeless, stuff scattered around town, limbo as I moved out of my cottage and took up residence as a housesitter who feels a bit like a squatter. (Natural, when there are two of you sharing duties and ‘sharing’ means she really handles everything.)

Because I can’t keep hate keeping secrets, I felt it important to confess some of the realities of taking up residence in someone else’s (or this family in particular’s) home, including revelations I’ve had about my own nature.


Due to the hit or miss nature of the house’s internet, I have been spending more time at local coffee shops and Whole Foods than in the house.

thank you starbucks for the free key lime (mixed with berries) refresher

Most of the time I am working.

piling up all of my work around me makes me feel more productive somehow

But some of the time I’m actually streaming The Bachelorette in the secondary window.

Or putting lots of clothes into various online shopping baskets and periodically going back to check if they are still there.


Although I miss my own kitchenware, I do covet some of their mugs and bowls.

Also, let me state for the record that despite my waxing poetic about having a porch with a view, do I actually want to spend more than ten minutes outside drinking coffee in the rising humidity? (Especially when the opportunity for a refill is a whole flight of stairs away?)


If I don’t have to clean up after myself, I won’t.

so maybe the floor gets a little sticky as i cut into the third watermelon i've consumed in a week...

We have a cleaning guy. So if someone is going to pay someone else to come clean the kitchen and the bathroom, well you can be darn sure I’m not going to worry too much about it.


I have been taking really long showers. Longer than I normally take. I realize that this is harmful to the environment, but somehow since it’s not MY water I’m wasting, I don’t find this to be as big of a problem.


I don’t really like pets.

[Insert photo of adorable dog I’m living with, whom once you saw you would say, “How can you not LOVE him?” and be even more concerned about my levels of compassion.]

I like the idea of liking dogs, of having a pet.

But goshdarnit, they are needy. And they are hairy.

I’m needy enough on my own. [And I have enough hair to deal with.]

I do not–unlike these animals–take random Chobani cups out of the recycling bin or gum packs from my lunch box to gnaw on and leave lying around the house.

(And anyone who thinks cats aren’t needy has never met the ones I have been taking care of, who not only do the nose-nudge constantly, they like to wake me up at 5:00AM either by fighting on top of my head–scratches included--or with this serial killer scratch on my door.)


 The chickens, however. Well, I kind of love the chickens.

Of course, I must confess that as soon as I had all of these beautiful eggs around me, I lost complete interest in eating them. I’m sure I’ll crack eventually. (Pun intended.)

i was forced, however, to use up a container of egg whites in various permutations, including egg white oats


I must also confess, Jenn and you What I Ate Wednesday afficianados, that the foods I’ve been eating have gotten a little weird(er than usual).

Combining housesitting with moving, and consequently transferring your entire fridge and pantry to a new fridge and the house’s dining room table, results in some strange acts of desperate culinary combination.

chocolate protein powder, kefir, frozen banana, psyllium husk, cinnamon, cereal

It also doesn’t help that I continue buying fresh produce because it is just something I can’t do without.

Which means in addition to combining every random item in the fridge for many a meal…

quinoa, hummus, nooch, raw zucchini, snap peas, carrots

….and thawing out all of the frozen fruit.

pineapple chobani, cereal, previously frozen blueberries

…I also find myself roasting everything in the kitchen.

sweet potato 'chips' covered w. cumin, cinnamon, salt, pepper, coriander

And then eating it straight off of the pan.

kohlrabi, previously frozen brussels, japanese turnips

 I guess lots of some things will never change no matter WHERE I’m living.

like a love for ketchup. (on vegan squash casserole mixed w. TVP sausage)



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