Pint o’ Pineapple [WIAW]

by Sarah on May 15, 2013 · 18 comments

Welcome back to week two of the seemingly perpetual pineapple party that’s been rockin’ and rollin’ in The Smart Kitchen since I purchased six 99-cent pineapples from Kroger over the course of seven days.

The title of this pineapple post is poorly misleading, as I’ve clearly eaten MUCH more than a pint o’ pineapple.

But as anyone who’s anyone in elementary school knows from visits to the Kingdom of the Gallon, there are two cups in a pint.

And, as I mentioned before, this is week number two of my ride on the (non-narcotic) Pineapple Express. [And my conversion of Jenn‘s What I Ate Wednesday goal from April of last year into a May cup o’ fun. Or, in this case: TWO cups.]

Also there’s the whole addicted to alliteration thing.

soy pineapple brown rice paired with hot and sour hodge podge veggie soup

Gallon of pineapple doesn’t work quite as well.

cornflake crumblies + cereal dust ALMOST took the shine away from the pineapple in this blood orange chobani bowl. almost.

Even if it is closer to the truth.

this is a quart. not a gallon.

But enough from the elementary school teacher turned pineapple princess.

i went back to the teacher's appreciation luncheon at least four times for more pineapple. i am not ashamed.

Pineapple on pancakes is muchmore fun to talk about.

chocolate raspberry plantfusion protein coc-oat-nut buckwheat pancake with fruit, coconut, and a drizzle of something that i think was chocolate.

Especially when it happened not once…

carob peanut flour 'syrup'! that's what it was! (maybe)

…but twice.

insanely fluffy apple cinnamon coc-oat-nut buckwheat plantfusion protein pancake w. pine + other apples, cinnamon, and homemade sunflower butter

And let’s not forget the pairing of pineapple with the perfect creamy tart counterpart* of Greek yogurt.

*Now I’m not just alliterating, but rhyming, too? Who AM I? (Miss Awesome. That’s who.)

check out those hardened yogurt edges--the whole reason to buy a big tub of yogurt, really. "cost efficient" is a lie.

Just when you think one pineapple plunge in a tubis enough…

oats in a tub. or container.

peanut butter puckers up to the pineapple prince.

if it's not glass, it is not a jar.

Of course, sometimes plain is pretty perfect.

when it comes to pineapple. and oatmeal.

And sometimes it pleases to pH-balance what must be a base-bending stomach at breakfast.


I’m not sure how this became an alliteration challenge, but I presume it has something to do with my predilection with both language and pineapple.

I also have a preference for the peculiar.

fried egg in 'twice baked' cinnamon apricot acorn squash, toasted pita, all covered in cinnamon and honey

Like plucking a piece of pineapple for putting into a runny egg yolk.

yep. it was good. (and yep. that's watermelon.)

 I also pushed some pineapple around a panwith some chili-lime spiced veggies.

mango came to visit zucchini, squash, and bell pepper, too

And turned this pineapple party into a full-on fiesta with some tortillas and tofu-based Vegan Lime Crema.

food for life knows what they are doing. just when you thought ezekiel bread was good...they made an actually addictive corn tortilla.

Now, please excuse me. I’m going to let the bromelain abuse the roof of my mouth some more while listening to my new favorite CD.

Which is Golden.

Like pineapple.


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