Pineapple Express [#WIAW]

by Sarah on May 8, 2013 · 23 comments

Disclaimer: The title of this post may have stoner movie pop cultural connotations, but as I learned–in attempting to disassociate myself with it--it is also a meteorological term for a Hawaiian ‘atmospheric river’ [slash] southern branch of the polar jetstream.


When you walk into Kroger and see this:

You obviously walk out of there with three.*

*After mentally reviewing your knowledge of seasonal produce in Costa Rica.

As I mentioned yesterday, Jenn, I’ve been eating a lot of pineapple.

Similar to the blueberry blitz of mid-Januaryparts one and two

–I found something super sweet and super cheap and latched on to it.

Unlike the blueberry bonanza, however, this time most of the fabulous fruit was consumed straight from the tup-faux-ware, fridge door open, with frantic urgency.

Occasionally I would try to make a fruit salad, but the ‘one in the bowl, three in the mouth pattern of chunking fruit often rendered this futile.

I was able to get it into a yogurt bowl

cereal, berries + pineapple on kroger brand goat + cow's milk greek yogurt w. peach jelly

or cup?

manager's special siggis w. crumbled rice cakes, wasa, tons of cinnamon, berries, pineapple

I learned that pineapple pairs strangely well with hummus.

of course, what doesn't taste great with the supersized tub of sabra tuscan herb hummus from costco?

And, perhaps more normally obviously, carob powder (and cornflakes).

It also loves to get dressed up.

chocolate raspberry plantfusion proats w. pineapple, crispin apple, cinnamon

A pineapple party? Bring on the sprinkles!

sprinkles make for funfetti oatmeal.

We all know pineapple is life-changing when great grilled, so why not stir it up in a pan with leftover Coconut Mojito Coleslaw and peppers?

Mixing it up in a Mexican bulgur bowl with a sunny runny egg on top?

Well, that’s how you learn that there isn’t much that doesn’t get better covered in yolk.

When fresh pineapple ran out, I could still get my fix.

Chobani pineapple yogurt really does #tastereal. [And has become one of my favorite flavors.]

wasa, berries, carob, with pineapple cho-yumminess

But never fear. I went back to Kroger before the sale was over.

And I bought three more precious pricklies. :)


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