‘Nu’ Month. ‘Nu’ (Naturals) Giveaway.

by Sarah on May 1, 2013 · 66 comments

I don’t try to deny it. I love sugar.

a spoonful of sugar makes blueberries break down.

I also love the song “Sugar, Sugar” by The Archies, featured on the Now & Then soundtrack, to which my friends and I made up an epic lip sync during one slumber party in middle school. Papa Smart called the song ‘square,’ but I’m pretty sure you can’t help but smile watching the trippy dancing frog in the cartoon video.

So when I first discovered this natural, plant-derived sweetener called stevia, that keeps your blood sugar levels running low, I was (naturally) intrigued

And consequently obsessed.

Of all the stevia brands I’ve tried–and trust me, I’ve tasted an incredible variety– NuNaturals truly is my favorite. [And not just because they sometimes mail me free product.]

It bakes well (that was actually a NuNaturals baking blend on the tart above), the individual packets contain the perfect amount of sweet for my morning coffee, and I have never noticed the bitter aftertaste (or failure to actually sweeten) that I’ve noticed with other companies.

Of all the various products the company makes, however, the flavor drops are currently the most used in The Smart Kitchen.

actual unstaged photo of the drops not leaving my counter for days at a time

I have gone through an entire bottle of the orange as a flavor enhancement for my morning (or late evening) digestif of apple cider vinegar.

(Well, except for that time I used it to make my imitation Arctic Orange milkshake.)

And my recent lemon obsession has meant lemon-flavored oatmeal

topped with apricot, apples, dried cranberries

…and both lusciously lemony Lemon Bar microwave muffins

vanilla kefir frosting, papaya, raspberries, almonds

 …and a more lightly lemon-tinged shortcake version.

strawberries, dates, and cinnamon vanilla plantfusion goop

Let’s not forget lemon- infused kefir chia pudding parfait for breakfast.

with cereal, nuts, chocolate, raisins, and fruit for mixing

Or lemon fresh Greek yogurt at bedtime.

with apples, pears, cereal, and a scoop of homemade maple almond nutty butter

The chocolate NuNaturals drops played a nice round or two in the thick, creamy sea of Greek dairy as well.

topped with strawberries and wheatabix

They also truly enhanced my Mexican chocolate protein pancake with subtle sweetness and flavor.

coc-oat-nut buckwheat protein pancake with a scoop of siggis orange ginger yogurt and bananas

Yeah. I’m kind of addicted to the act of experimentation.

And so happy with all of the results.

I’m also extremely happy with the generosity of the NuNaturals company, because they have offered to send FOUR of you a set of FOUR flavor drops: lemon, orange, peppermint, and the new chocolate.

To enter, use that rafflecopter thingamajig. [I’ll pre-warn you that the mandatory entry is a comment, and that comment is: What should I make next using the flavor drops?]

This contest will end on Saturday, May 4th, at midnight.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Since I really have been consuming NuNaturals stevia drops and crystals at a consistent rate, it seems only (Nu) natural to consider it my What I Ate Wednesday post. I figured Jenn wouldn’t mind.

Especially because she’ll laugh at the fact that I almost used an old logo and wrote “What I Dropped Wednesday” and then realized that unless people took it to a Snoop Dogg place of hotness, it would imply I was dropping something that might result in an experience like the Archies’ video I referenced at the beginning of this post.


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