My Moving Memorial Day Weekend [WIAW]

by Sarah on May 29, 2013 · 17 comments

Three day weekends. Love them.

Especially when I have to spend all three days packing.

This is how I felt by day three.

At least the fact that I’m just switching to a temporary abode means I don’t have to completely eat up everything in my fridge and pantry–although we all know now that I just bring leftovers with me anyway–so I haven’t been consuming too terribly random and weird concoctions. [No more so than usual, at least.]

There have been a lot of big friendly salads. With entire jumbo-sized garlic barrel pickles chopped up on top. But that’s not weird, is it?When you’re packing and moving, most of your food consumption involves sudden realizations that you are so hungry the thought of lifting another book–let alone an entire box full of them--makes you want to actually EAT the book you are holding.

who has time to peel carrots? not that i would anyway. even if i COULD find the veggie peeler.

This is followed by attacking whatever (actually edible) food crosses your path first.

apples and hummus are an entirely underrated duo

Because for me, this has meant melon of all sorts–watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe…I’ve almost consumed one (or two…) of each since Friday–I don’t necessarily have a lot of pictures.

However, I did stop packing every now and then to take a few photos, so I figured I might as well share them for once, rather than leave them on my computer where I stumble back upon them months later and wonder both what it actually was, and why I intended to show it to someone. And what better time than Wednesday, with you, Jenn, and all the little carrots and markers who play along?

who looks that happy when they are moving?

Just as I didn’t stop buying food, ‘moving mode’ didn’t stop me from cooking either.

eggplant and summer squash quinoa cakes w. roasted tomatoes and spinach

Between my attempts at maintaining status as a Meatless Mondays A-Z Rock Star, a guest post for Heather herself, inspiration from the farmers’ market, and the fact that I had food to use in the fridge…

mojito mint avocado dip w. strawberries + apricots

…well, I kept the creativity alive.

tempeh and eggplant bulgogi turned bibimbap

Of course, I also reverted to consuming lots of cereal.

sometimes with strawberries and almond milk

LOTS of cereal.

sometimes with applesauce, almond milk, and hemp protein

And as I decided opening a two pound bag of Bob’s Red Mill muesli right before starting to box up the pantry…

…I’ve been eating a lot of that as well.

cooked muesli + oat combo with cold muesli + berries

(Although technically, muesli IS a ‘cereal’ isn’t it?)

cereal, goat's milk and greek yogurts, muesli

Sometimes it ends up cooked, or sprinkled, but I actually ate a bunch of it by the fingerful as I walked through the kitchen. [Laura assures me consuming raw oats might be strange, but it is definitely good.]

oats with plant fusion phood 'goop,' muesli, cherries

I also took a number of nose dives into many jars of nut butter.

cinnamon brown sugar, honey vanilla, and simply roasted hazelnut butters

Moving seems like a great excuse for throwing random nuts into a food processor and seeing what happens.

in case you're curious, walnut pecan almond butter is REALLY REALLY good

Not that you need an excuse.

especially when making the fabulous decision to add the last bit of a bag of dark chocolate chips to cinnamon honey roasted peanut butter

Sometimes I actually utilized said nut butter in creating a tasty snack.

toasted ezekiel bread w. walnut pecan almond butter + cinnamon sprinkled smushed apricot

Or took the classy route and actually didnt eat it straight up with a spoon.

MORE cereal. MORE berries. MORE nut butter.

But that didn’t happen too often.

this looks like a frog.

Actually, in looking back over these photos, I managed to eat a pretty balanced–if three times as much melon and nut butter as anything else counts as balanced–diet despite it coming mostly from scoops and snacks, bits and bites.

I even saved room for dessert. (Recipe here!)

strawberry rhubarb yogurt cake made by Lindsey: for some reason when i arrived to store even MORE things at her house, she gave ME a present


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